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FUC #5, Doe and the Wolf has released is ready to cause some giggles.

Doe and The Wolf

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Looking for help in recovering a fugitive? The Lone Wolf Agency can help you. We specialize in huffing and puffing criminals back where they belong, behind bars.

What happens when a predator falls for his prey?

Bounty hunting is the perfect job for a maverick wolf; flexible hours, decent pay, the thrill of the chase. But Everett never counted on a doe stopping him in his furry tracks.

Dawn was a prisoner of Mastermind and ended up experimented on, against her wishes. On the run from Furry United Coalition agents, she ends up in the arms—and bed—of a lupine bounty hunter. Instinct tells her to run when she gets a chance because everyone knows not to trust the big, bad wolf, but her heart begs her to stay.

When the result of genetics gone wrong rears its mutated head and threatens both of their lives, will they manage to survive and discover if a wolf deserves a happily ever after?

Book order for the Furry United Coalition Series (also known as F.U.C).

*For complete reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read the books in order.

Excerpt (Mature Audience Only – May induce laughter):

Out she ventured from the edge of the woods with dainty steps that still crushed the foliage underfoot. Bleary-eyed, Everett tried to make sense of what he saw but couldn’t, his injuries too great. One thing he did know, was his mind was not working at full speed because what Everett saw made no sense, and blinking didn’t make it any better. He must have whacked his head good.

He tried to speak, or at least let the creature know who he worked for and who to call for help. He croaked a feeble, “FUC.”

The timid creature recoiled and bounded back into the forest.

A groan left him as he realized he’d probably just tried to speak with a plain old woodland creature. It seemed his sense of smell was shot, along with his poor body. That didn’t bode well.

Half in, half out of the water, he managed to roll to his stomach and claw his way farther up the muddy embankment, a few inches of torture that left him panting.

Black spots danced before his eyes. He could feel the dark nirvana hovering over him, waiting to grab him in its embrace. He needed to fight it. Needed to…

The next time he woke, which surprised him greatly, he did so under a wooden slatted roof on a bed covered in a blanket, which smelled oddly enough of lilacs. He knew the scent because his mother liked to grow them when he was boy on the farm. He could still hear his father grumble about the darned things taking up valuable farmland space, but despite that, he allowed them just because they made his mother smile.

Do the lilacs mean I’m home? No. Because home had white plaster ceilings, and the mincing steps approaching did not belong to his mother. Not to mention, his mother had never tied him to a bed.

What the hell is going on? He pulled at his bonds, but the rope held him in a kinky, spread-eagle pose that he might have enjoyed more if he thought it meant pleasure. But, given the way his body ached, he doubted he’d gotten kidnapped by a gorgeous woman intent on seducing his body. Although, the soft tread of steps approaching did seem to indicate someone of the female persuasion.

Shutting his eyes, he tried to feign sleep, but whoever approached didn’t believe his sham, that or they were naturally nervous because they inched so slowly and tentatively he almost growled at them to hurry it up. When the feather-light touch came on his brow, he couldn’t help a bark of surprise though.

The woman took flight, and despite opening his eyes as quickly as possible, he caught only a fleeting glimpse of long brown hair trailing behind her as she fled the room.

But she couldn’t hide the sweet roundness of her ass or her scent.

A doe. A deer. A female deer. Everett couldn’t help a most wolfish grin. Of all the luck. I’m alive, healing, and I think I just found one of the missing FUC fugitives. Or, more accurately, she’d found him.

The day was looking up. As for his current predicament involving rope and the possibility he was in the hands of a serial killer?

Minor details. After all, he’d prevailed against the PIG Gang – Porcines in the Ghetto—beaten the Hood, and put Grandma Red—so named because of her penchant for spitting red cherry pits when she tortured her rivals—in shifter jail where she belonged. What did he have to fear from one little woman?

“Little doe, little doe,” he called. “Won’t you come in?”

Slender fingers curled around the doorframe, and big brown eyes peered in. “Will you promise not to eat me?”

“Oh, I’d love to eat you,” he said in a husky voice.

“Eep!” With a squeak, she ducked out of sight.

What the hell? Surely she didn’t take his words literally? Couldn’t she tell he flirted with her? When she didn’t reappear, he yelled, “Just kidding.”

Cautiously, she leaned back in. “So you won’t make a meal out of me?”

Laughter barked forth from him. “I’m the one tied up, and you’re seriously asking me to promise you safety?”

“You’re a wolf.”

“That I am, little doe.”

“My mama told me about wolves.”

“May I ask what she said?”

“The only good wolf was a dead one.”

Hmm, seemed like he might have his work cut out for him trying to convince her otherwise. “And what do you think?”

“Actually, I was just wondering if what Grandma said was true.”

“Which was?”

“That wolf pelts make warm winter coats.”

“I’d have said we make better rugs.”

“Really? Why?” More of her face came into view as she asked, her pert nose sprinkled with freckles, her pink lips pursed.

Tasty looking. “There’s nothing better than lying atop a wolf in front of a roaring fire. Your fingers gripping my pelt as your sweating body rides me to a howling, fun conclusion.”

Those perfect lips rounded into an ‘O’ of shock almost as big as her saucer-sized eyes. “You have a dirty mouth!”

“All the better to do dirty things with.”

* * *
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