Big Hello for Charisma Knight

First off welcome and thank you for submitting yourself for questioning—ignore the bright light shining in your eyes. LOL. Who is Charisma Knight and why are you so awesome?

CK: LOL, Thank you for having me! I don’t know about the awesome part, but I’m a reader turned author who decided to start writing in March 2009.

I think lifelong readers make the greatest writers. Now, I know you’ve got a new release with Amira Press, tell us about it.

CK: My Serbian Wolf is about Niko, an ancient Serbian wolf shifter who has sacrificed himself for the sake of his pack in 1389. My heroine, Rebecca (Zena Vuk) has been reincarnated since that time while Niko has fought for centuries in numerous wars, enduring famine, plague, and disease as a human, thanks to a Tsar’s cruel curse. The story begins as a prologue when Niko tells Zena Vuk of this curse he must endure.
This story is about self-sacrifice and true love prevailing over this curse, and many centuries of heartache.

I love it a shifter and a curse, you just can’t go wrong with that combo. Here’s the question I love most. What is the embarrassing scene you ever wrote, the one that made you blush and squirm, but that just had to be included.

CK: Well, when I wrote my first published book, Her Dark Desires, I was blushing and squirming over the bondage scenes. Yes, they just had to be in there!!

<raising my eyebrows>Bondage, naughty girl. LOL. I’ve noticed your books tend to be interracial, and I wondered what differences, if any, does this makes in your writing?

CK: Well, many years ago before ebooks, there were no interracial romance books, at least none that I had ever come across. While I’ve enjoyed countless romance novels in my teenaged years, I was disappointed about this. I’m a black woman who has been involved in an interracial relationship throughout the majority of my life. I would often picture my heroines as being African American, as that was something I could identify with. Well, when I stumbled upon interracial ebooks three years ago, it totally blew my mind! I was like, damn, where the hell was I? I wish I had been a witness to the start of this.

This makes a difference in my writing because I know I’m contributing to the growing popularity of multicultural/interracial books. Interracial relationships have come such a long way, and pioneers of interracial dating went through hell and high water while standing up for their god-given rights to love someone outside of their race. Love transcends the color of skin, as well it should because God created us equally. Some say we are different races because we were meant to be kept apart, but I believe we are different races because God intended for us to get along and mesh. I mean, it only makes sense. We are all a part of one race, and that’s the human race.

What makes me proud is there are so many interracial books on the market to choose from, and it has become widely recognized. Now, if we could only see some interracial romances in places like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Barnes N Noble, etc. That would be awesome! Hopefully, one day we will. I do realize these books would not be erotica, but to see a black woman and a white man on the cover of a romance novel for everyone to see would be awesome!

One day the big publishers will realize that not only do we love some interracial loving, but we like heroines who aren’t skinny Minnie’s either. It’s so exciting to be part of a growing revolution. Quick, who’s your favorite male cover model?!!!

CK: Jimmy Thomas ; ) He’s quite the cutie pie!

I agree, he’s on a couple of my covers as well. And he’s so nice to boot! I know you’re working on something else and I’ll bet it’s another hot paranormal. Want to tell us about it?

CK: I’m currently working on the sequel to The Beast Within and the Bad Boys Inc anthology for Amira Press. The Beast Within is a “what would you do if a vampire seduced you tale” about vampire, Julian Grey and the human love of his life, Diana Carrington. Well, my heroine discovers she has feelings for this vamp, but towards the end, she becomes let’s say, reluctant, and in Julian’s eyes it is way too late to back out. My sequel portrays my characters struggling between good and evil. In this tale, my vampires can shape shift and when they embrace their baser instincts, they become vulnerable to giving into their “beasts.”

Bad Boys Inc anthology is called Revealing Thorn. This has a 15,000 word count and is about my half-demon, half human, Thorn, who has been approached by Wolfe McCoy to join BBI to wipe his record clean, so to speak. Thorn has slain countless demons resembling humans, causing him to obtain a record a mile long.

In order to have his charges dropped, he must protect Lena Hendrix, the woman who is sought out by the demons. She has the ability to sire the ultimate demon-child that can bring forth destruction to mankind.

Oh, I love demons, I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one. Now for the dream part of the interview. When you get rich and famous, what’s the most decadent thing you want in your house? Me, I’m going for an indoor swimming pool and hot tub.

CK: Hmm, maybe a water fountain with a marble vampire possessing eyes of rubies. LOL

Awesome. Now, what is your guilty food? The one you know you shouldn’t eat, but you do and love it even as you hate yourself for caving in to temptation.

CK: That would be cheesecake! LOL

Mmm, yes the one sweet treat that makes me melt as well. Next, what turns you on?
A)Husband taking off his shirt
B)Husband doing the housework.
C)Husband taking off with the kids for the day
D) Curling up with a hot book ;P

CK: Curling up with a hot book!!

After almost 11 yrs of marriage, I’m with you on that one. And finally, if you had a super fan standing in front of your right now, clutching their e-reader loaded with your book, eyes shining bright, what would you say to them?

CK: I would say, damn! Hope you’re enjoying the book! Let me know if it should have come with a warning label! Ha Ha ; 0

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CK: Eve, thanks so much for having me, you’re a blast!! Oh, and let me throw this in! Alien Mate was the freaking bomb! I loved it!!

Another lover of the big blue <wink!>  Thanks Charisma for submitting yourself for torture. Hmm that sounded dirty. LOL.

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