Fall is almost upon us

And I will admit, it is my favorite season, although spring with it’s sense of renewal is in close second. I enjoy the brisk breezes, the changing leaves and the ability to go outside without perspiring. I love the smell the air gets, a crisp scent that I love to have flowing through the house. As fall approaches so does Halloween and pumpkin picking and racing through a cornfield maze. Fall means, Thanksgiving dinner at the dining room table using the fancy dishes as my kids call them and seeing family. I can start shopping for Christmas now without guilt, snagging the items I know my little ones will love before the mad dash. I also turn one year older in the fall, but I don’t mind, because birthdays are no cooking or cleaning days. We order in or get take out. This year, I’m begging for Texas Burger and their drool-licious souvlaki dinner. Mmmm….

What I don’t like about fall is it means snow and frigid temperatures are coming, but I do enjoy spending time indoors as a family playing video games and watching movies. It means Sunday baking where the little one gets eggshells in the dough, and the older ones fight over who gets to stir. I love the smell and warmth of a house that’s cooking when you’ve come in from the fresh outdoor. I even enjoy Sunday football and spending a few dollars on a Proline ticket.

What about you? What’s your thoughts on fall? And what’s your favorite season?

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