Fall is almost upon us

And I will admit, it is my favorite season, although spring with it’s sense of renewal is in close second. I enjoy the brisk breezes, the changing leaves and the ability to go outside without perspiring. I love the smell the air gets, a crisp scent that I love to have flowing through the house. As fall approaches so does Halloween and pumpkin picking and racing through a cornfield maze. Fall means, Thanksgiving dinner at the dining room table using the fancy dishes as my kids call them and seeing family. I can start shopping for Christmas now without guilt, snagging the items I know my little ones will love before the mad dash. I also turn one year older in the fall, but I don’t mind, because birthdays are no cooking or cleaning days. We order in or get take out. This year, I’m begging for Texas Burger and their drool-licious souvlaki dinner. Mmmm….

What I don’t like about fall is it means snow and frigid temperatures are coming, but I do enjoy spending time indoors as a family playing video games and watching movies. It means Sunday baking where the little one gets eggshells in the dough, and the older ones fight over who gets to stir. I love the smell and warmth of a house that’s cooking when you’ve come in from the fresh outdoor. I even enjoy Sunday football and spending a few dollars on a Proline ticket.

What about you? What’s your thoughts on fall? And what’s your favorite season?

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  1. Lisa J says:

    Fall is wonderful because the apple farm by my house is open and I can buy apples fresh from the tree. That means apple crisp, apple pie, apple bread, and apple cake. All favorites at my house. It also means the dog’s allergy itching is almost over, the ticks are gone, and the weather is generally pleasant. It does mean winter is coming and that is not my favorite, but I know it will give way to warmer weather eventually.

  2. Missy says:

    I LOVE fall!!!! My favorite season by far. The days are still warm, the nights cool. The mosquitos are almost gone, football is here!!!!( Too bad my team is having some major issues.) The kids are all back in school and soup and baking season is starting all over!! I just love the smell of fall!! The only thing I don’t like is when we lose all the leaves on the trees, thank goodness for pines!

    By the way, I’m about 75% through Betraying the Pack. So far it’s perfect, but I think all of your books are. Love the added touch of humor in all of them!!!

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