Time to get your Geek on!

You know you want one, or two, geeks of your own. You know, that shy, socially awkward guy, who mesmerizes you with his intellect–and big freakn’ words. He doesn’t just strip naked and expect you to melt into a puddle at the sight of his awesome bod. No, a true nerd worships your body, relies on his enthusiasm and study of erotic technique to show you how geeks make wicked lovers. And when two of them get together and tag team, there’s no escaping their pleasurable torture. Using their quick minds and massive stores of knowledge, they’ve planned every caress and even made contingency plans to ensure you reach the highest plateau.

I’ll admit, I’m the geek in my relationship. Straight A, honor student, math whiz, wearing glasses and always with her face buried in a book. Shy, self conscious and giggling a lot because I get tongue tied. I freely admit I am a nerd, and proud of it dammit! Although, I did look great in tight jeans back in my day. lol. Yet despite, my awkward social niceties(see above and add a few) I always seemed to end up with alpha type males. My boyfriends were studs. Apparently smart was sexy. It also helped I wasn’t a bitch and liked to make out–above the waist you dirty minds!

When I met my husband, 14 years ago, he loved the fact I owned a brain–he also liked my ass and giggle. The perv! Years later, the ass isn’t so hot, the giggle is less girlish, but what keeps us together is the interaction of our minds. We have the best conversations, not always about geeky stuff, but anything that we find intriguing from politics, to news events, to morality; we discuss it all, and while he might not always get my point of view, he likes that I have an opinion. In our relationship, I set up the electronics, do homework with the kids, fill out forms, handle the bills and banking. But he does the things that leave me scratching my head like fixing stuff, teaching the kids sports, maintaining our vehicles and driving me to crowded places that freak me out–he also holds my hand. Oh, and he always looks hot! I’ll let you in on a secret, when I want to drive him nuts, I shush him by holding up a hand to his lips and tell him to just look gorgeous. Hehehe!

Writing about geeks getting together with strong willed partners is something I love to do because I know how it feels. I live it everyday, wondering what my hubby sees in that I don’t in the mirror. But as he tells me, when he wraps his arms tight around me in a bear hug, he worries more that I’ll find him boring and look for someone who’ll understand me when I get my geek on. And then we get all hot and bothered and remember why we work so well together. lol

A lot of stories centering around nerds have the uber hot guy chasing the smart career woman. In Claiming Her Geeks, I did the opposite and made my heroine super alpha (and a werewolf) and the males who attract her the lowest of the pack. But as she learns, not all battles are won with first. This 17k story is available exclusively at AllRomance as part of their Perfect Stranger series. I warn you though, it is smoking hot!!!

If you’re more into one on one action but still like that premise of the strong female versus the weaker male, check out The Geek Job, another paranormal piece offered for only 99cents so new readers can dip their toes into my written world.

And as usual, thanks for taking the time to read.

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