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I just had an interesting interview with The Captain over at Grave Tells. What made it really different is she invited some of my characters along too so she could get to know them a little better. The result is entertaining to say the least. Take a peek if you’d like to revisit with my geeks and the alpha ladies who love them.

Grave Tells Interview

And for the queries I’ve had lately regarding Frederick, from The Geek Job, yes, he will get his own story at one point. It’s on my never ending list. Have I mentioned my writing-to-do list is now longer than my hubby’s honey-do one? lol. Busy, busy busy…

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  1. Eve Langlais says:

    Book 3 for FUC is coming this summer I believe. If all goes well lol.
    Dual Abduction is March, followed by a second cyborg story in April, then May is in the air as I’ll be working on Pack3. BUT FUC 3 and Already Freakn’ Mated are going to get done before the fall so never fear, Viktor’s story is coming lol.

  2. Linda Kage says:

    Ack, I’m beginning to slip behind on your stories. I haven’t read FUC 2 yet or either of the abduction stories. It’s so sad, I know. Will do better soon! I’m really looking forward to Already Freakn’ Mated.

  3. Amy says:

    So, any chance that “Claiming Her Geeks” will make it over to Amazon? I want to read it (loved the Geek Job), but I like to stay with one company so I don’t have to make my spreadsheet of “where my books are hosted” any more complicated than it already is. I switch devices all the time so having my books in the cloud, not on a hard drive somewhere is good for me.


  4. Eve Langlais says:

    @Amy, Claiming Her Geeks was a special piece I wrote exclusively for AllRomance as part of their Perfect Strangers series. It won’t hit Amazon sorry :(
    But they do have the Kindle format if you really want it. I promise to not do that any more (unless they beg lol) because I do want all my readers to be happy and able to shop at the store of their choice.

  5. Amy says:

    Eve, thanks for responding, I really appreciate it! While I’m bummed that I’ll have to decide between getting the story from AR and missing out on a cool story, I will survive. FUC book 3 would make me feel much better though… 😉

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