It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s two purple dudes come to kidnap you!

As you might have guessed Dual Abduction has arrived. YAY !
I personally think it’s hilarious, but now it’s time to see if you, the reader, agree. Before you start though, put a clean pair of fancy undies on just in case reading the story triggers an abduction of your own. It always pays to be prepared. Even if you get stuck here on earth, I’m sure your other half will appreciate the gesture lol.

Are you ready for a purple tale where best friends discover they need to share the one they want?

Here’s a short excerpt…

“Have you decided?”
“Decided what?” she asked, flummoxed at his question.
“Which one of us do you prefer?”
Okay, that was blunt. They wanted her to choose one of them. Only one problem. Even if, hypothetically, she allowed herself to get involved, it would be with one and only one, but the problem of how to choose? Both turned her on. And she assumed they wanted her to select one of them for sex, which again, if she had to sacrifice her body and suffer pleasure to escape, then she’d martyr herself for the cause. But, was it sex they had in mind? These were aliens after all, what if they meant something completely different.
Stalling for time, she demanded clarification. “Hold on a second. Exactly what am I choosing one of your for?”
“Company,” stated Brax.
“Pleasure,” Xarn said smoothly, arching one of his brows.
“So you want me as a girlfriend?”
“That depends. Do friends on your planet get naked and fornicate?” Xarn asked with a waggle of his brows.
“I for one, would like you to mate with me,” Brax added shooting a dark look at his, what had he called him, brother in arms? Did that make them related or was it some kind of alien military type thing?
Didn’t matter, they both wanted an answer. “So this choosing thing is your really messed up way of saying you’re both vying for my heart.”
A wrinkle marred Brax’s brow. “We have no need of the internal organ that controls the movement of your blood.”
“Although, if we did, I do have knowledge of a delicious alcohol based sauce. Served with some sautéed qi-qi leaves, it would make a nice meal.”
She blanched. “Good to know.”
“Now she thinks you mean to eat her,” Brax exclaimed, cuffing his companion upside the head.
Eying her up and down, Xarn licked his lips. “Yes, yes I do. I might forgo real substance for days if given a chance to nibble —”
“Stay back, you-you cannibals.” She brandished a fist in front of her, not exactly the most threatening of weapons, but all she had. “No one’s eating any of my body parts.”
“You misunderstand,” Brax replied holding his hands up in a placating gesture.
“No, she doesn’t. If she chooses me, I intend to get between her thighs and feast on her nectar until she goes hoarse from screaming her pleasure.”
His words hit her right between the legs causing her sex to quiver. “Wait a second, you’re talking about eating me, and not eating me?” She could tell by their confused looks she’d lost them. “You don’t intend to kill me? You want to have sex?”
They both nodded.
Oh God, the arousal in her body went up several notches, her breasts heavy and aching for them to act on their words. But that would be wrong. “Even though we’ve just met, and we’re obviously not from the same species, you just expect me to just choose one of you to, um, have sex with? And what if I don’t want to? ” A stranger conversation surely never happened.
“Why would you not? We are considered attractive by females and quite experienced in the art of fornication.”
“I’m better at it.”
Brax growled. “You are not. My copulation partners are always well pleased and tell me so.”
“Mine are speechless,” his friend replied smugly.
“I am older, hence, automatically more experienced.”
“By only three galactic cycles.”
She watched their byplay as they argued over who was the best lover with a slightly incredulous air. It seemed they’d forgotten one teensy tiny thing in their quest to display themselves as the most likely to please her.
“Um, fellas, while I am flattered, I am not choosing either of you.”
“Why?” The question came with an echo and she swallowed as they both left off their arguing to focus on her.
“Because for one thing, I don’t know either of you. And secondly, I’m not interested in having an alien boyfriend. I still plan to find my way home.”
“Not happening. The laws are clear.”
“And we have no wish to be this boy friend thing. It sounds emasculating.”
Talking with them was making her head spin. “What if I offered to willingly have sex with one of you, would you take me home then?”
The friends looked at each other and then glanced back at her. Both shook their heads. “Sorry. Your home planet is lost to you. But, choose one of us and we will offer you a new life.”
She pursed her lips.
“A better one?” Xarn added in a querying tone.
She snorted. “This conversation is over.” She whirled on her heel, and then stared at the closed door in consternation.
“Press the panel to your left.”
Lips tight, cheeks bright—and her sex unnaturally moist—she exited the room, surprised they’d let her escape so easily, but then again, they knew she couldn’t go far. More annoying, while she left their libido disturbing presence, she couldn’t chase them from her mind.
What on earth, I mean space, am I going to do?
How about both? snickered her dirty little mind.


Join Louisa along with her alien abductors on a hilarious galactic ride  and fall in love with not one, but two, larger than life heroes.
Availabel for purchase at all major online retailers.

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