A cyborg walks into a bar…

The release of F814 has been tentatively set for April 21st. YAY! The cover is imminent as is the excerpt. The excitement is building. lol

I know there’s some readers anxiously awaiting Solus’s story. Since I can’t give it to you yet, here instead are some cyborg jokes I found on the internet and a few I conjured up to get you giggling.

  • A cyborg walks into a bar and the bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.” The cyborg pulls out a gun and aims it at his head. “Care to rephrase that?”
  • How do you stop a cyborg from destroying humanity?
    You can’t, so come in for your chip upgrade today. For one day only get an internal neaural interface and a mechanical arm for only $999,999.95 and join the Metal Revolution.
  • Human: I’m trying to remember something but it keeps eluding me.
    Cyborg: Why don’t you try accessing a memory storage unit?
    Human: I’m a human, you machine! We don’t have memory storage chips!
    Cyborg: Yes you do. They’re called “books!”
  • Why did the cyborg cross the road? To terminate all humans on the other side.
  • French Revolution. Industrial Revolution. Metal Revolution.
  • A cyborg goes to see a medical technician who runs some test and says, “I see your problem. You’ve got too much iron in your blood.”
  • What kind of music does a cyborg like to listen to? Heavy metal.
  • The good thing about cyborgs is they have nerves of steel.
  • A cyborg walks into a bar, but before he orders, realizes he’s forgotten his wallet. “I’ll be back…” [snicker, I had to get that one in somewhere]
  • A human says, “Hey there baby. That’s a nice set of melons you’re shaking. Wanna shag?”
    A cyborg, “Hello visually pleasing female with the large mammary glands. I wish insert my rod into your receptacle.”
  • The biggest difference between a cyborg male and a human one? Cyborgs keep going and going and going …
  • Why settle for wood when you can get some steel.
  • What did the cyborg say to the humans when they interrupted him fornicating with his mate? “Run.”
  • He slices, he dices, he even makes shoestring french fries.

Hehehe. Okay, that was fun. Can you think of any more?

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