The Aliens are coming!!!

Well, one alien at least, and I for one wouldn’t kick him out of bed–just don’t tell my husband!

I am very excited about my upcoming release Alien Mate, available from my publisher Amira Press on May 14th.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if an alien–with abs you could bounce quarters off of–suddenly appeared to you and wanted to take you as his mate? Would you fight him, even though he makes your panties wet or would you swoon in his arms and say “Probe me, please!”

Diana, our plump heroine, isn’t about to give in easily. She is a modern day gal, used to making her own decisions and while she desires him–badly–she isn’t about to fall into his arms and bed without a fight.

Kor, our hunky blue alien, is following tradition and can’t understand why Diana–a desirable earthling that sets him on fire–doesn’t just accept the fact that he is her mate. After all the spirits of his ancestors chose her.

I’ll admit I had alot of fun writing this–and alot of cold showers. When it comes to probes, Kor knows exactly what he’s doing. LOL

On a side note, I’ve had lots of exciting news lately. Lucifer’s Daughter has been contracted by Liquid Silver and you’ll never view hell or Satan the same way again. My first erotic BDSM short story has been picked up by Cobblestone Press–My Secretary, My Mistress. Here’s one secretary determined to bring her boss to his knees. And finally, Chance’s Game, the sequel to my June release Take A Chance, will be coming in Feb 2011 from Champagne Books. It’s never good when the gods decide to meddle.

It’s going to be a busy spring and summer for edits.

Right now waiting their turns in a slush pile are Apocalypse Cowboy and Wickedest Witch.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that someone loves them.

As for my newest WIP, I’m working on a sequel to Lucifer’s Daughter that is going to introduce my first menage. I am also outlining a sequel to my secretary short–whips and chains ahead. LOL

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on Friday for my Alien Mate premiere.


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