Protect the geek, that’s the job she’s been hired for, but this shewolf never expected to fall for a man of science.

As a werewolf who hires out as a bodyguard, Lexie is paid well to perform dangerous jobs. When she takes on the protection of a science geek for a vampire clan, she doesn’t expect her temporary girlfriend status to come with lots of pleasure. But a geeky human who pushes all her right buttons isn’t reason enough for her to break the rules and fall in love.

Everything changes after an incident in the lab, but before she can decide if it’s safe to give him her heart, she has to help him survive.

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Reviews:PaulineMichael on Night Owl Reviews wrote:

"Lexie is one fantastic heroine. I love that she is so tough and doesn’t apologize for it. What makes it even better is that the hero doesn’t want her to change....These characters are so engaging that I honestly believe they could have carried the story without any interaction with anyone else or added elements, but the action was so compelling that the story just flew by and before I knew it, it was over."