Apocalypse Cowboy

It figured that the last man on earth would be the one who broke her heart.

New Look. New Price. More Story. Oh, and ZOMBIES too!

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Humanity ended with a sneeze, but was rekindled with a kiss.

The world died practically overnight, leaving behind sparse pockets of survivors, who must learn to live without electricity, internet, cable, or grocery stores.

When it came to survival, it was kill or be killed. And the most important rule of all; don’t let the zombies catch you.

When Brody rides off into the sunset, with grandiose dreams, he leaves behind not just his small town but also his first love. But the hopes he had of making it big are shattered when a deadly virus hits, and those who survive return as zombies to hunt the immune. Lonely in this new reality, he finds himself drawn back to his hometown and rediscovers the woman he left behind.

Hannah never thought the expression, “Not if you were the last man on earth” would ever come back to haunt her, but when the world’s population is decimated by a deadly virus, she regrets her words, especially when Brody comes riding back into her life. A very alive Brody who reminds her she’s not just a survivor but also a woman.

Eking out an existence in this new world is hard. Forgiving the blunders of the past sometimes harder.

Against all odds, Brody and Hannah survived the plague and have prevailed against the undead, but will their stubborn nature still tear them apart?

Authors Note: Apocalypse Cowboy was originally published by Cobblestone Press from August 20th, 2010, until May 8th of 2014. Published anew in October of 2014 by Eve Langlais, this book has been expanded from its original version of 26K to 39k. I gave it a new cover and title–plus I threw in some zombies for fun. Enjoy ~Eve


Content Editor:Devin Govaere

Cover Artist:Willsin Rowe