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Genre: Humorous Paranormal Romance with Gods & Demons

Instead of collecting her soul, he captured her heart.

Marigold has a date with Death, but when she foils his plan to take her soul back to Hell, she invites him to dinner

Mictain, an Aztec god who now collects the dead for Satan, is baffled at his interest in the plump human who can see him. Intrigued–and in lust–he can’t help pursuing her. But things are never simple when gods are involved.


The Welcome to Hell series (is best read in order for full enjoyment of Lucifer and his ongoing matchmaking attempts):

Excerpt: (18+)

Chapter One

Only one ingredient to go. Marigold held the last bit over the boiling cauldron and began reciting the words to the spell that would grant her something she’d longed for all her life. A prize without compare that modern cosmetics promised but never cured–getting rid of her bloody freckles.

Giddy with anticipation, she took a deep breath and continued her chant. “Hair of the divine beast, grant me the wish I seek.” She dangled the glimmering unicorn hair over the bubbling brew–a frothy concoction she didn’t really want to drink because it smelled and looked icky, but drink it she would if it would help. She dropped the glimmering strand and it sank in the potion with an ominous sizzle. Hmm, hope it doesn’t do that when I swallow it. Marigold opened her mouth to say the words to invoke the spell when she heard movement.

Whirling, she saw a cloaked figure standing at the edge of the candlelight, a scythe in one hand.

“Who the hell are you?” she asked grabbing up her athame and brandishing it in front of her.

“You can see me?” The hooded stranger seemed taken aback judging by his tone.

“Well, duh,” she said rolling her eyes. “You’re, like, standing right in front of me. I’m not bloody blind you know.”

“But you’re not supposed to see me.”

The stranger had an accent, which even given the strange circumstance, Marigold found hot. “Not only can I see you, but I’d like to know just how the fuck you got in here?” The doors to Marigold’s apartment were all locked and she’d spelled them as well. So how had he gotten in without setting off any of her alarms? Maybe he was a demon. Or a ghost, or…

“Death cannot be hindered by a mere mortal lock,” he announced pompously.

“Death?” Marigold giggled. “Oh, come now. You’re not big enough or scary enough to be him.”

Marigold could have sworn she heard him growl. “I might not be the actual Lord of Death, but I am one of his lieutenants. Now, do you mind stopping the idle chit chatter and getting on with what you were doing? I’ve got other appointments to keep.”

But Marigold wasn’t stupid. “Wait a second. If you’re here to collect me for the underworld, then that must mean I’m about to do something deadly.” She eyed her cauldron and sighed. “I should have known better than to try a spell I found on the internet.” Blowing out the candles, she carefully stored the remaining unicorn hair–a precious commodity that had cost her dearly–and turned to face him with a smile. “Sorry. I’ve decided today is not a good day to die. See you in, like, oh, one hundred years.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Death’s agent didn’t sound too happy. Lifting an arm, the loose sleeve of his robe fell back and a large hand pushed back the cowl. Blazing eyes regarded her, but that wasn’t what made Marigold speechless. Talk about a handsome hunk of man.

For some reason, when she’d pictured Death and his minions, she’d expected skeletal figures with blazing coal red eyes. Reality vastly differed, in a good way. At a tad over six foot, the Grim Reaper’s minion glared at her with intense dark eyes, chiseled features that included high cheekbones, a straight aristocratic nose and full, sensual lips. His hair was short and a deep ebony color that glinted blue in the dim lights of her apartment and set off his tan beautifully–I wonder if he’d get naked so I can see if he’s tanned all over? His robe unfortunately hid the rest of him, but if his body matched the big hands and thick, muscled forearm he’d revealed, then she thought it a pity he’d taken up soul collecting instead of pole dancing as a profession.

He pointed his scythe at her. “You can’t avoid an appointment with Death, so please cooperate and finish what you were doing.”

Marigold crossed her arms under her boobs and shook her head. “No. And you can’t make me.” I think, she added silently.

“Says whom?” He took a menacing step forward.

With a bravery she didn’t quite believe, but faked quite well, she dared him. “So go ahead, kill me in cold blood, you big–big meanie.” As name calling went, it was quite lame, but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to call him something really nasty. Although, she wouldn’t mind him doing nasty things to her body, naked, of course.

“I’m a meanie? I’ll have you know women say I’m the nicest guy they’ve ever met.”

“And is this before or after you drag their souls back to your boss?” she replied sarcastically.

“I don’t mix business with pleasure.”

“What a shame,” said Marigold. “I guess this means you won’t be able to accept when I ask you to come back for dinner tomorrow night.” The invitation popped out of her mouth, but once extended, she felt no urge to take it back. The man, minion, whatever, was delicious defined.

“Aren’t you afraid I’m going to try and take your soul?”

“Could you wait until after dessert? I make a kick ass cheesecake.”

He didn’t answer, instead, still shaking his head and mumbling under his breath something that sounded like “completely insane,” he faded away.

Marigold knew she should celebrate having escaped Death’s clutch, but instead she found herself a little disappointed. Now how will I get him into my bed for heart stopping sex?

Second Edition (2013) Editor: Brieanna Roberston

First Edition (2011) Editor: Victoria Miller

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –

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Five Star Review for Date With Death “Eve Langlais writes some of the most fantastic curvy heroines of all time and it is no secret that I love Rubenesque leading ladies. Her sassy humor and strong and sexy heroes have long moved her to the top of my must read pile. In Date With Death she outdoes herself.

The Devil blew me away, he is one fantastic guy. Every character in this short story is so engaging and I’d love to see most of them make a reappearance.”


PaulineMichael of Night Owl Reviews

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Four Rating Review for Date With Death
“This short romp of a story is quite funny – even a bit silly at times – and I dare you to read it without a grin on your face.
…By far my favorite character, however, is the boss of Hell himself – Lucifer. He is surprisingly laid back given his fearsome reputation, and much of what comes out of his mouth will tickle your sense of fun. A cheerful voyeur who loves to stick his nose in other people’s business and who delights in the torture of deceased oil company executives and Taliban fighters, Satan steals the show in his scenes. “says

Bobby D Whitney of Book Wenches
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A Great Review for Date With Death
“Eve makes her characters very straight forward in Date with Death and because of that allows the story to flow and the reader to put themselves inside of the characters’ heads easily.
…I really liked this short story and if you want a short hot adult romance to read then I suggest Date with Death by Eve Langlais.”says

Andrea of Loud Words and Sounds
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Four Diamond Review for Date With Death
“I adore Eve Langais’ paranormal stories and Date With Death is everything I’ve come to expect from her.
The main characters are fun and interesting, sexy and exciting and the supporting cast is just as great. Date With Death is a great story for paranormal lovers.

Brecken Stevens of Got Erotic Romance
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A Great Review for Date With Death
“A great quick read. Not many authors can give you a sexy book filled with witty humor. I found myself laughing and fanning myself all in one book…
…It was funny, sexy, had lots of action some mystery and is sure to satisfy any adult who enjoys paranormal romances!!”says

Amber of Awesome Sauce Book Club
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Four Diva Review for Date With Death
“Marigold is a great heroine, confident, funny and well able to take care of herself in any situation. . Even to take on Satan himself!
… This gives a whole new meaning to the term, ‘date from Hell’! Prepare to be thoroughly entertained with this romance.”says

Claudette of Dark Diva Reviews
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Four Star Review for Date With Death
“Date with Death is a fast paced paranormal story that keeps the reader entertained from the very first sentence. Marigold and Mictain are perfect for each other and it shows in their chemistry.
…Mictain and Marigold are joined by a host of secondary characters who help the story continue, including family secrets and visits from Satan himself.”says

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Four Heart Review for Date With Death
“What I love about Eve’s novellas is that she is able to include character development, romantic development and world building into such a short story. And of course her books are HOT! She writes a well rounded story with no unanswered questions.

Danielle of Romance Book Junies
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Five Review for Date With Death
“Who could resist a sizzling hot romance with Satan popping in to offer dating advice? Date With Death is a riot of epic proportions.
…I must tell you a Date with Death is nothing to fear and highly recommended.”says

Delane of Coffee Time Romance
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Four Lip Review for Date With Death
“Date with Death is a lighthearted funny read. Lucifer is a scream…
…Date with Death is a good beach read–fun, frothy, and fabulous. I smiled and chuckled through it…”says

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“Eve Langlais has another winner with Date with Death. I found this novella cleverly written and very sexy.
…It makes the reading more fun when the hero has to work on winning the heroine;) “says

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