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Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: The Geek Job
The Geek Job
Book Cover: Claiming her Geeks
Claiming her Geeks
Book Cover: Last Minion Standing
Last Minion Standing
Book Cover: Toxic

Series: A Lion's Pride

Book Cover: When a Lioness Snarls
When a Lioness Snarls

Series: Alien Abduction

Book Cover: Intentional Abduction
Intentional Abduction
Book Cover: Reverse Abduction
Reverse Abduction

Series: Bad Boy Inc.

Book Cover: Pint-Sized Protector
Pint-Sized Protector
Book Cover: Hitman Wedding
Hitman Wedding
Book Cover: Killer Daddy
Killer Daddy

Series: Chimera Secrets

Book Cover: The Lionman Kidnapping
The Lionman Kidnapping
Book Cover: A Chimera's Revenge
A Chimera's Revenge

Series: Crazy Ella in Love

Book Cover: Even Crazier
Even Crazier

Series: Cyborgs: More Than Machines

Book Cover: Seth
Book Cover: Avion

Series: Dragon Point

Book Cover: Dragon Reborn
Dragon Reborn

Series: Forsaken Chronicles

Book Cover: Awake in Shadows
Awake in Shadows
Book Cover: Kiss of Light
Kiss of Light

Series: Furry United Coalition (F.U.C)

Book Cover: Furry United Coalition #1
Furry United Coalition #1
Book Cover: Bunny and the Bear
Bunny and the Bear
Book Cover: Lion and Falcon
Lion and Falcon

Series: Killer Moms

Book Cover: Soccer Mom
Soccer Mom

Series: Mecha Origin

Book Cover: As the Cog Turns
As the Cog Turns

Series: Princess of Hell

Book Cover: Lucifer's Daughter
Lucifer's Daughter
Book Cover: Snowballs in Hell
Snowballs in Hell
Book Cover: Hell's Revenge
Hell's Revenge
Book Cover: Vacation Hell
Vacation Hell

Series: The Misfits

Book Cover: Hybrid Misfit
Hybrid Misfit

Series: Welcome to Hell

Book Cover: Welcome to Hell Omnibus
Welcome to Hell Omnibus
Book Cover: A Demon and His Psycho
A Demon and His Psycho
Book Cover: A Demon and Her Scot
A Demon and Her Scot
Book Cover: Hell's Geek
Hell's Geek
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