Falling For A Redneck

Can his fiery touch melt her frozen heart?

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WARNING: Unlike my usual stories, there are no shifters or aliens or anything supernatural in this novel. This is one of my rare contemporary romances and while it has hints of humor, it is much more serious than you’re used to reading from me. With that said though, if you enjoy a hot contemporary romance where opposites attract, then I do hope you’ll give it a try.

He’s paid for his crimes and is trying to go straight.
She’s shed her tears and uses anger to cope.

They are complete and utter opposites, who don’t just attract, they explode.

Will their past be what brings them together, or ultimately tears them apart?

Swearing off men after her husband leaves her for another woman, Marissa turns to domination as a form of anger management. But she ends up punishing the wrong man and finds herself in danger as someone sets out to teach her a fatal lesson of their own. As if she didn’t have enough problems, the redneck from hell moves in next door and proceeds to drive her insane—mostly with his kisses.

A run-in with the law, not to mention two little boys, have made Dirk see the light. He’s cleaned up his act and is determined to stay away from trouble, but how can he ignore the ice princess next door who makes him want to light a fire in her perfectly creased pants? The more she pushes him away, the more he’s determined to have her—in his bed and arms. He just never expected her to win over his heart.


Content Editor:Devin Govaere

Copy Editor: Amanda L. Pederick

Cover Artist:Amanda Kelsey – www.razzdazzdesign.com

Please note, Falling For A Redneck was originally published by Cobblestone Press as Fire and Ice from April of 2011, until May 8th of 2014. Published anew in July of 2014 by Eve Langlais, this book has been slightly expanded from its original version, re-edited and features a new smoking cover.