Taming her Wolf

Helen thought she could tame the wolf but instead he taught her how to live again.

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Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/Vampire Romance

Warning: The heroine is one stuck up, blood sucking vampire, but then again, the hero is an ornery, chauvinist werewolf. This is an erotic romance featuring adult situations some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion and a private room are advised.

Dumped by his girlfriend, Gareth doesn’t think things can get any worse until he’s captured by some vampires. But he’s not about to become an all-you-can-eat-buffet without a fight.

With great age comes boredom, which suits Helen just fine until she goes looking for a new blood servant and finds herself intrigued. The wolf she brings home might want to tear her to pieces, but she’s determined to tame him. What she never expected was for him to turn the tables and capture her heart.

Despite the taboo nature of their relationship, he can’t kill her and she can’t let him go. Together, they will defy those who would deny their love, and kill the ones that threaten it.


Whipping his towel off, he padded on almost silent feet, the plush carpet masking the sound. As he moved toward the bed, he twirled his towel. Her eyes popped open just as he lashed the fabric out, slapping her with the edge of it, a sting he knew all too well from the locker rooms of his youth.

“Ow!” She rolled off the bed and glared at him, one hand absently rubbing her hip. For some reason, it made her adorably cute. He squashed the very thought. Blood sucking killers weren’t cute. Although, furry ones with big fangs like himself were. And no, he saw no problem with that distinction.

Her brown eyes narrowed as she caught sight of his nude body and a blush lit her cheeks. She averted her gaze and mumbled, “Put something on.”

Funny how she’d had no problem inspecting his naked body when he hung in the cell. What made seeing him in all his glory in her home, at her mercy, any different? Other than the fact he smelled good and there was a bed nearby? Hmmm. Could it be that she found him distracting and not in an I-want-to-suck-your blood way? Did Ms. I-am-in-control want a spin on his dick? Her scent seemed to say so. This he could have fun with. “Why should I cover up? Something wrong with my body?”

His query drew a quick glance from her and he puffed out his chest as he planted his hands on his hips, thrusting his groin out. His motion made his dick swing and she pointedly looked away again, her cheeks even redder than before.

“I have no interest in seeing your naked man parts. Hide them.”

“You didn’t seem to have an issue when you were checking me over in that dungeon, hanging like a side of beef.”

“That was different. I needed to make sure you were healthy.”

He coughed. “Ack. I think I caught something. Maybe you should give me another look over. You know, give me a doctor exam and squeeze my balls. Or you could swab my dick with your tongue. I’m not picky.”

“You’re disgusting.” Her words conveyed the right tone, but her blushing face and that all too familiar scent screamed arousal. “And I’m tired of you flaunting yourself. Dress before I make you.”

Deciding he’d taunted her enough, and disturbed that once again his cock seemed to find the conversation a tad too interesting, he decided to comply but on his terms. “I’ll dress, but I am not putting the filthy garments I arrived in back on my body.”

“Not those. Jesse took those and tossed them in the trash. I procured you some new items, which you’ve ignored for the past few days.” Helen waved her hand to a pile sitting in the chest at the foot of the bed.

“Maybe if you let me stay awake and upright for more than five minutes at a time, I might have noticed them,” he retorted as he strolled over for a peek. Satin pajama bottoms and a matching top of navy blue. He ignored the shirt and slipped on the silky pants. “Better?” He couldn’t help the humor at the incongruousness of a vampire who blushed at the sight of a naked man. He didn’t want to, he fought the feeling, but dammit it all, it made her more human.

She turned to peek at him. “There’s a shirt too,” she said a little too pointedly, her arms crossed under a pair of tits that would really look better naked, although her T-shirt did strain nicely over them, outlining her pebbled nipples.

Is it drafty in here or is someone happy to see me? He couldn’t stop his wolfish grin any more than he could keep his dick down like a good soldier. “I’ll pass on the shirt. I prefer to wear as little clothes as possible. We Lycans tend to have higher core temperatures than other beings. I’d be happy to prove it to you. I have a thermometer that loves getting shoved into tight places.”

She glared at him. He smiled wider. Who would have thought antagonizing a vampire would prove so much fun? Enough fun that he couldn’t stop. What else could he do to drive her absolutely mental? He sat on the edge of the bed and patted his thighs.

“Someone ready to come and sit on my lap? I’m all nice and clean for you to chomp on now.” She ignored him. He couldn’t help goading her some more. “Here little vampie, vampie, vampie. Dinner time.” He called her like he would a pet and craned his neck, his mirth surely reflected in his face.

She didn’t like it one bit, but even as her eyes shot lasers at him, her lips twitched. “So eager, my pet?”

“I’m always eager, princess. Was I wrong about the neck? If you want something with a bit of meat, and a creamy finish, then I’ve got something else you can munch on.” To throw fuel on the fire, he grabbed his cock through his pants, which fuck him, was hard as a steel pole despite his shower jerkoff.

“What! No. That is—” Desire warred with confusion and anger on her face. Annoyance won. “Hands to your sides. Then don’t move.

Still grinning, he didn’t fight her command. Why bother when he knew it wouldn’t work? He didn’t particularly want to feed her, but this was one instance he didn’t figure he’d win. Sure, he could have tried to fight the inevitable, but why waste his energy? Besides, he’d caught on to her plan. Unlike that of the slaver’s, Helen’s goal seemed to center around disarming him with kindness and by not doing what he expected. Well, two could play that game. And his suddenly agreeable stance had nothing to do with the fact he’d really not liked watching her suck on another man. I am not jealous.

Curious, yes, though. Much as he disliked the idea of feeding anyone, he considered allowing her to eat as part of his knowledge collecting process. The more facts he knew, the better he could disarm and kill her. His wolf snorted. Okay, so he lied a little bit. He wanted to see if her sucking on a part of his body could possibly feel as good as that prick Charles made it appear. Then he’d kill her.

* * * * *
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Editor: Brieanna Roberston
Cover Artist: Mina Carter

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