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She snorted. “Aha. So, there’s the scam. Con the drunk girl with a sob story to cop a feel.”

“It’s not a story, and I’m not trying to con you. I’d just really like to kiss you.” Did she hear the earnest honesty in my words?

Rather than reply, she stepped closer. “Only a kiss?” The hot flutter of the words teased me.

“Just a kiss.” Because anything more might be too selfish.

She pressed her mouth to mine, and heat filled me at the touch. Desire, too. It hit me fast and hard. My arms curled around her, tucking her against me. Her mouth opened, and our tongues explored. A sense of rightness filled me, yet at the same time, the monster within surged. It wanted to burst free.

Let me loose.

👰 🐙 Bride of the Sea Monster (Welcome to Hell #9) ▶︎ Out August 4, 2020!