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“Papa won’t give me a knife.” Charlotte placed the weapon back in Casey’s hand.

“Is it because you’re a girl and he thinks you can’t learn to fight?” Casey sneered. She’d dealt with that masochism growing up. But it helped she’d had a brother who took it upon himself to bloody the faces of anyone who taunted her.

The child laughed, a ring of soft bells. “Papa is the one who teaches me, but he says I can’t have a dagger until I promise I won’t use it on Xarek.”

“Who is Xarek?”

The girl’s nose wrinkled. “A boy who likes to pull my braid. He wouldn’t pull it if he only had one hand.”

Bloodthirsty and precise. Casey gaped before grinning widely. “I do believe you and I shall get along famously.”

☢️ Catastrophic Attraction (The Deviant Future #4) ▶︎ Out August 25, 2020!