Hell’s King Release Day

The Antichrist is supposed to rule the world, but Chris kind of promised the ghost of his father-in-law he’d rather have the love of his wife. And he meant it…at the time. However, Chris was born with a destiny. He is the prince-in-waiting. The destroyer of nations. A failure with no magic, no [...]

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Sibling Rivalry Hell (Texting Story)

Hell's King releases tomorrow! To help you get through the day, we've gotten our hands on a family text between Muriel, Lucifer, and Christopher... enjoy!

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Hell’s King Street Team

Hell's King Street Team: Anyone who likes sharing the word about book releases, I have a media kit on my website so you can grab graphics and share them on social media or on your blog! Hell's King releases on Thursday, and if you post about it, make sure to let me know! http://evelanglais.com/wordpress/media-kit/ [...]

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Dragon Point Series Overview

With six books in Dragon Point, I want to know: Who is your favorite couple? If you missed any of them, you can find them here: http://evelanglais.com/wordpress/series/dragon-point/

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Hell’s King Teaser 4

His mother was free. And what did he do? Did he scream, “Run for your lives”? Did he blubber on the floor, a terrified mess? Nope. He whistled as he strode back to the mansion. Hands in his pockets. Nonchalant as you please. Looked as if he might need that cape his wife was [...]

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Free this month: Lucifer’s Daughter

Soon, Hell's King (Hell's Son #3) will release, but in the meantime you can start reading Muriel's story for free!http://evelanglais.com/wordpress/book/princess1/Nothing in my life is ever simple, and I blame that on my dad, Lucifer. Assassination attempts, hellhounds, and a rebellion in Hell? A piece of cake compared to the turmoil in my heart. No one [...]

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Demon Walking Reviews

Thank you to everyone who left kind reviews for Demon Walking, I love knowing when I've made my readers happy!"I think it’s my favorite in this series." – Niki"Oh dark lord this was absolutely delicious. Amazing!!!" – Crystal"What a humorous, intriguing, adventurous and alluring ride. Another masterpiece by Ms Langlais. Two thumbs up!" - ZetterGet [...]

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Demon Walking Giveaway Winner

Did you enter the giveaway? Find out who won by checking the EveL Minions Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/450175928808034/

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Pre-order Roo and the Angel

Coming December 6th, 2018: What idiot decided to make the Jones boys official agents with a license to FUC? Jeb did something bad. And no, he didn’t murder anyone—recently. Nor did he put itching powder in his brother’s jockstrap—again. He did, however, smuggle a test subject out of an experimental lab against FUC orders. In [...]

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Audio October 2018

I have many options for audiobook lovers - included discounted audio direct from my site! Let me know what books aren't already in audio that you'd like to see me work on next! http://evelanglais.com/wordpress/audio

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