Even Crazier Giveaway

I just posted a new giveaway in my reader group - join to find out how you can enter to win this Even Crazier (Crazy Ella in Love #2) prize pack!

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First in series free this month: Cyborgs More than Machines

Start the Cyborg: More than Machines series with book #1, C791,  free this month! Machines aren’t supposed to feel, but this cyborg can’t help falling in love. Assigned as a specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he shows [...]

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2019 Upcoming Events

Will I see you at any events in 2019? Romancing the Falls, May 18th, 2019 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Hosted by Freya Barker, enjoy a fun book signing event where you can meet a ton of authors in a gorgeous setting. Pre-order books for this event here: https://goo.gl/forms/W3Hl5b7qC8gNDon72 Romancing the Capital, (My conference!) August [...]

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Valentine’s BOGO Book Binge

Treat yourself this Valentine's day with a BOGO Book Binge! Choose from over 900 titles from 48 different authors! https://www.bookbingedeals.com/februarybogodeals I have 15 of my most popular titles in this huge sale! https://www.bookbingedeals.com/evelanglais-bogodeals Sale available through Kobo only. Not a Kobo reader (yet)? No prob, just download the free Kobo app for your Apple [...]

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Even Crazier Teaser 4

As for Ella…Felicia hated to admit it, but she liked her even as she sometimes wanted to throttle her. It fascinated her that Ella didn’t fawn over Felicia. Didn’t treat her like a queen at all. Anyone else would have lost their life for the temerity. But Ella was special, and powerful. If someone [...]

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Pre-Order Steampunk Cyborg

When a friend drags Agatha “Aggie” Bowles to a romance convention, all she wants to do is find some new authors and a quiet spot to read. Instead of relaxing with a book, she ends up kidnapped by a steampunk cyborg. Which is as exciting as it sounds. Except for the fact he’s more [...]

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Viber New episode

As we get closer to the release of "Even Crazier," Viber is still getting new episodes of "So Crazy." Get it (along with other fun shorts) for free now! This story takes place between “Crazy” and “Even Crazier” (which is coming out next month on all regular platforms)! You can get texts and chats [...]

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Release calendar

Did you see the latest books added to the release list? Chimera Secrets #4 as well as a new series starter - Steampunk Cyborg (Mecha Origin #1)! 🐻 Bearing His Touch (Their Furever Mates #6): February 5 👻 Even Crazier (Crazy Ella in Love): February 21 ⚙️ Steampunk Cyborg (Mecha Origin #1): March 8 [...]

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Even Crazier Teaser 3

She glanced at him. “Love is weak. Love makes you lose control.” She cast a glance back at Ella who no longer appeared to be communing with anyone and stared blankly out the window at the scenery flashing by. “Love is supposed to be the most powerful thing of all.” “Maybe it is.” For [...]

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February Audiobooks

Are you an audiobook reader? I have lots of options for you! You can purchase audio from me through Authors Direct, Kobo, Google Play, Audible, iTunes, Tantor, and more. I normally am able to release an audiobook at the same time I release an ebook, and much of my backlist is already up.http://evelanglais.com/wordpress/audio/ [...]

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