Get Accidental Abduction Free this Month!

If you haven't jumped into my "purple" series, make sure you get Accidental Abduction (Alien Abduction #1) this month while it's free! Big, bad and purple. It was supposed to be a simple job. Grab some specimens from Earth and sell them on the interstellar black markets. In and out, with no one the wiser, [...]

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Bad Boy Inc #5: Killer Daddy

Fans of the Bad Boy Inc. series can now pre-order Killer Daddy, Bad Boy Inc. #5 (Coming January 18th, 2019)! This daddy is a stone cold killer. You want to know how you give a guy a heart attack? Leave a baby on his doorstep with a note saying: Congrats, you’re a daddy. Not that [...]

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Captain’s Secret Daughter Release Day

It's release day for The Captain's Secret Daughter (Gypsy Moth #3) She betrayed him. His wife. The woman he loved. She fled, and Captain Kobrah Jameson thought himself rid of her until the day she comes back. And Dara isn’t alone. Kobrah doesn’t want to believe the child by her side is his daughter. The [...]

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Media Kit: The Captain’s Secret Daughter

Do you have a blog? Do you like showcasing new books? I have media kits available for my releases so you can grab them and post away! Tuesday is the release day for The Captain's Secret Daughter. If you do post, be sure to let me know!

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Release schedule September

Wonder what is releasing and when? Check out the 2018+ release schedule! 🚀 The Captain's Secret Daughter (Gypsy Moth #3): September 18 🐻 In the Mood Fur Love (From St. Martin's with Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter): October 2 🐲 Demon Walking (Dragon Point #6): October 25 😈 Hell's King (Hell's Son #3): November 15 [...]

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Fall into Savings sale

Hybrid Misfit is on sale! Get it for 99 cents for the month of September! Meet a special stripper who holds the fate of the world in her g-string. Nothing sucks more than losing your humanity in a government experiment. Now I’m something different. Special. And everyone wants a piece of me. Go ahead, give [...]

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Hitman Wedding Reviews

I want to thank everyone who has read and reviewed Hitman Wedding (Bad Boy Inc #4). I'm glad you're loving it! "Wow what a wonderful and breathtaking journey. It was humorous, sizzling, full throttle and fascinating. Loved all the twists and turns. Two thumbs up!" "This book was so exciting and filled with danger, sassy [...]

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The Captain’s Secret Daughter Teaser 4

Then they were kissing, not the frantic and violent passion of before, but a slow exploration. A sensual slide and glide of flesh on flesh. Their breathing quickened, hot exhalations with no beginning or end. This reaction explained part of why he’d never moved on. No one else inspired him to lose control. To want [...]

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In the Mood Fur Love Teaser 2

The smart thing to do involved letting her go. That was the man part of him. The bear part? Lick her! Yeah. His beast side had simpler needs. I don’t want a mate. Don’t want. Don’t want. Stavros might not want a mate, and Becka might seem like too much trouble, but the bear isn't [...]

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Delicate Freakin Flower on Radish

Delicate Freakin Flower is now available on Radish! This platform allows people to read serial installments of stories. If you're interested, check them out:

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