Get ready to feast on a whole lot of Paranormal Woman’s Fiction #PWF, coming February 18th! We’ve got 13 books with older (40+) heroines, celebrating middle age and older, with no more fucks to give! Join the reader group for more info (and for a real fun time!):

Follow along with the author release schedule:

Dec 13: Jana DeLeon
Dec 20: Eve Langlais
Dec 27: Elizabeth Hunter
Jan 3: Mandy M. Roth
Jan 10: K.F. Breene
Jan 17: Michelle M. Pillow
Jan 24: Denise Grover Swank
Jan 31: Shannon Mayer
Feb 7: Christine Gael
Feb 10: Deanna Chase
Feb 12: Kristen Painter
Feb 13: Robyn Peterman Zahn
Feb 14: Darynda Jones