Moving away from the window where other parents were beginning to eye them with interest, she headed for a quiet spot and hissed at Antoine, “Where have you been?”

“Here and there. You’re looking good.”

A compliment that, as her fake boyfriend, Devon should address. “Bunny always looks good, don’t you, baby?” Devon snared her around the waist and drew her close.

To his surprise, she didn’t stab him in the kidney with a knife. Rather, she leaned into him. “Now sugar cheeks, you know you’re biased.”

Sugar cheeks? He almost burst out laughing. “Only the truth, Bunny. Which is why I’m shocked this guy actually had the strength to leave you. I am never letting you go.” He stared down at her, a strange sincerity in the words that brought puzzlement to her gaze—and a pink hue to her cheeks.

“Devon, we have an audience,” she tittered before turning her gaze back on Antoine.

“Sorry, I just can’t help myself.” He really couldn’t, which might explain his next poke. “I guess I should thank Antoine for ditching you. Otherwise, I might never have met my hunny bunny.”

The hand she’d slid around his waist on the inside of his jacket dug fingers into his side, hard enough to make him wince, and yet he grinned at Antoine’s sour expression.

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