But he had no problem seeing bright purple eyes.

Fucking mind control shit. Ghwenn had obviously done something to him. Why else would he be thinking of that stowaway?

He pushed himself up from the console where he monitored, startling Zane and Solanz.

“Sir? Is something wrong?”

“Stop fucking calling me that.” He stomped away from his crew and didn’t know where he was going until he stood in front of the door to his room.

‘Have you done something to me?’ Did she even now poison his thoughts?

He closed his eyes and listened, not with his ears. He checked for any kind of waves coming from his room. Scoured for even the faintest hint of a signal being broadcast.


He glanced at his wrist comm again.

Again! Dammit. Why would she not leave his mind? Did he have a virus? As a cyborg, he was capable of running a diagnostic. The tenth one emerged just as clean as the first.

Could his nanobots even recognize mind control? He certainly had before when it was directly aimed at hin. However, searching for it now, he didn’t feel a single tremble at the edges of his mind. That didn’t mean she’d not done something to him.

And it needed to stop.

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