Yet, he knew something had changed between them. It had started with the kiss. He had caught her eyeing him a few times, once even touching her lips. Had the embrace ignited her as much as it had enflamed him? He’d not expected the heated spark. Nor the urge for more.

In high school, he’d been attracted to Macey, but then again, any girl who smiled pretty much drew him. Macey, though, she had been more than just a pretty face. She’d not made any attempt to conform. She didn’t wear makeup or worry about her clothes. She wore comfortable leggings, slim-fitting cowled sweaters in winter, T-shirts and jeans in spring and summer.

Even now, she remained natural, fresh-faced, her hair kept simple, usually brushed and pulled into a tail. Her clothes unassuming and not meant to draw attention to her curves. She remained smart. A woman of many talents—who still wasn’t interested in

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