The king pushed off from the wall. “She is extremely powerful. Your arm and leg are proof of that.”

“But the queen doesn’t want her for her magic.”

Roark offered a shrug of his wide shoulders, clad in a slim-fitting coat a dark velvet blue. “The Emerald queen is rabid with rage. I don’t think there is anything she won’t do at this point. One has to wonder if breathing in all that dust has addled her wits.”

“Oh, she’s crazy, all right,” Titan muttered.

“Even though you’ve chosen to not accept her offer, I am still providing protection to the lady in question.”

“You think she’s in danger here?” he asked.

“I know she is. There was an attempt to kidnap her after your meeting.”

The words had him bristling. “Is she okay?”

“Fine. She handled him in a way that ensured he could still fight tonight.”

“Put me against him.”

“Why would I do that? So you can shake the hand of the man who tried to take Riella to your enemy?”


“Then why?”

“To punish him.”

Riella has been looking for acceptance her whole life. However, certain skills make her not only valuable but hunted. If she were to fall into the wrong hands, or suddenly decide to fight back…she might hold the key to bringing down the Emerald Queen once and for all. ☢️ Twisted Metal Heart (The Deviant Future #3) ▶︎ Out Now!