Tell me which upcoming events I’ll see you at!

Romancing the Capital, (My conference!) August 1-3rd Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. An intimate event that spans Thursday night to late Saturday afternoon featuring 40-45 authors, and ME. Enjoy informative panels, fun events, a book signing and awesome, swag packed registration bags. Pre-order books for this event here:

Rare19 London, September 21, 2019, London, England I am finally planning a visit over the giant pond! I can’t wait to meet all my overseas readers. Pre-order books for this event here:

Coastal Magic February 20th-23rd, Daytona Beach Florida, USA: Coastal Magic is a super casual reader weekend, right on “the world’s most famous beach”. It’s a perfect spot for bookish chats, fun meet & greets, and making amazing memories. Pre-order coming soon