Greetings, barbarian females, and thank you for gathering. Having you all grouped here in one room makes it so much easier for me to browse and select one of you for the greatest prize ever. Me.

See, it has come to my attention that human women have a hidden fantasy, a secret desire that involves getting abducted for the purpose of sexual recreation. As a male in his prime, I give this hidden longing my full approval. Actually, knowing how you dream of such a thing happening, I find myself looking forward to setting foot on your backward planet. When you least expect it, I shall arrive in my splendid craft, a space faring vessel beyond your scientists and engineers wildest imaginings. Even now, I observe you, listen and watch your every move. When I make my move and pounce, you will swoon into my arms because while attractive, I am also a fearsome warrior unlike the puny males of your planet.

I shall abduct you and transport you to my ship where I will strip you and burn the coarse fabric hiding your shape. Once nude, I shall decontaminate your barbaric body as I examine it. While I’ve not encountered a two breasted female in the past, I am told your shape is rather pleasing. I will let my lips be the judge of that. But giving you carnal pleasure is not where it ends. I shall drape you in the finest linens I can find, procured from my favorite brothel of course. Feed you the finest delicacies the universe has to offer. Bed you in any location I see fit. Understand, and make no mistake, you will belong to me. I will take your body as is my right as captor, ravage it until you scream my name. Once you’ve had a taste of my prowess, you will never want another. You will worship me as your god.

At least that is my plan. My cousins say that human women have minds of their own and that you might not succumb so easily to my advances. I look forward to the challenge of proving them wrong. So make yourself ready for me, barbarian female, because I am coming for you. Soon, so soon my two breasted prize, I will feel you shiver in my arms,

Your soon to be captor,

Makl, newly promoted first class warrior of Aressotle