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A totally inappropriate excerpt from Mr. Peabody’s House

Chapter One “So, when does the debauching begin?” I asked. Kidnapped by gorgeous hunks, my expectations for exceptional seduction and corruption were high. What a pity my abductors acted so gravely instead of taking off their clothes. “There will be no debauching.” “Is that your final answer?” To those who wondered if I did it [...]

A totally inappropriate excerpt from Mr. Peabody’s House2017-11-03T11:03:14-04:00

Just in time for Halloween a romance set in Hell – Free for a limited time

FREE for a limited time! A Demon and His Witch (Welcome to Hell Book 1) There are better ways to break up with a girl than having her roasted at the stake as a witch. Is it any wonder Ysabel has trust issues? She got her revenge, though, and it only cost her a slightly [...]

Just in time for Halloween a romance set in Hell – Free for a limited time2017-10-23T07:36:16-04:00

Look what’s coming!

Wonder what is releasing and when? Check out the release schedule (going up till August, so far!) 👻 Mr. Peabody's House (Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My #2): November 9 💰 Propositioned by the Billionaire Moose (Howls Romance): November 28 🐱 When A Lioness Growls (A Lion's Pride #7): December 7 🐲 Dragon Reborn (Dragon [...]

Look what’s coming!2017-10-23T07:34:58-04:00

Kobo Special

Kobo is having a 40% off sale for select titles and When a Lioness Pounces is one of them! To grab it, visit Kobo at https://www.kobo.com/ebook/when-a-lioness-pounces and use PROMO CODE 40SAVE at checkout. But don't delay, this is a time limited special.

Kobo Special2017-10-27T07:54:51-04:00

A pint-sized teaser

“We look like refuges. No pilot worth his salt, even a private chartered one, will let us on board like this.” “Why not? I think you look rather nice.” He what? The compliment took her off guard, and she blamed her lack of sleep on the blush igniting her cheeks. “I look like a street [...]

A pint-sized teaser2017-10-23T07:32:14-04:00


A few years ago F.U.C. #5, Doe and the Wolf, was released! What happens when a predator falls for his prey? Bounty hunting is the perfect job for a maverick wolf; flexible hours, decent pay, the thrill of the chase. But Everett never counted on a doe stopping him in his furry tracks. Dawn was [...]

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