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Coming in 2 Weeks: The Marked!

Out in 2 weeks: The Marked! A standalone dystopian/futuristic romance! In a futuristic society, fate is decided by genetics, and love is only for the elite. The mark appeared while I slept and can’t be ignored. I must present myself to the Consulate and from there… I don’t know what happens. While I’ve been [...]

Coming in 2 Weeks: The Marked!2022-05-19T12:51:11-04:00

May Chirp Deal: Cleopatra’s Return

May only: Cleopatra's Return is $1.99 on Chirp Audio! Will this former queen find love in the modern world before a past enemy returns to destroy her? Cleopatra paid her dues in Hell for her mistakes, but Satan thinks she’s too dangerous to keep around, so he’s kicked her out into the modern world [...]

May Chirp Deal: Cleopatra’s Return2022-05-09T14:15:23-04:00

Books with geek heroes

Want more geek heroes?? I have plenty! Raymond B785 Claiming her Geeks First Gear Hell's Geek Lion's Quest The Geek Job When A Lioness Hunts https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/genre/geekbeta-hero/

Books with geek heroes2022-05-09T14:18:16-04:00

Books with Lynx Shifters

Want more books with Lynx shifters? Have you read all three? Propositioned by the Billionaire Moose Missing Lynx Raymond https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/books/all-available-books/

Books with Lynx Shifters2022-05-09T14:19:05-04:00

June Freebie: Halfway There

May only: Halfway There ebook is free on all platforms!A supernatural mystery awaits with a heroine who's having an epic midlife crisis.My life needs a do-over button.My comfortable world crashes the day my husband demands a divorce. Starting over is hard enough but moving into grandma's old cottage has dropped me into the middle of [...]

June Freebie: Halfway There2022-05-09T14:20:12-04:00

Growl and Prowl Series

The world needs more awkward people like Raymond, who were book smart. It needed the courageous like Dominick, who knew how to fight, and the cunning like Stefan, who said, “Do we know where to start looking?” All three books are out now! Dominick Stefan Raymond https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/series/growl-and-prowl

Growl and Prowl Series2022-05-09T14:21:29-04:00

Out now from EveL Worlds: Dusty and Her Dino

The latest EveL World release is out now! If you love my Furry United Coalition books you may enjoy taking a trip to FUCN'A with different authors in my world. This month Julia Mills brings you Dusty and Her Dino! Dusty and her Dino are lookin’ for love and prayin’ things turn out sunny [...]

Out now from EveL Worlds: Dusty and Her Dino2022-05-09T14:25:21-04:00

Raymond Teaser

Out Now: Raymond (Growl and Prowl Book 3)! Pleasures of the flesh didn’t always translate to the mind. She was always wound so tight, fearful of giving something away. Of shocking. Raymond knew her secret. It didn’t scare him. He didn’t shy away. He was right. He was like her. While she denied it, [...]

Raymond Teaser2022-05-09T14:25:15-04:00

Chirp Deal: A Lion’s Pride Collection

Don't miss this Chirp audio deal! A Lion's Pride Collection 3 (Four Books in One: Books 9 - 12) for $4.99! Lions, tigons, and bears — oh my! Sexy shifters find their mates in this set of four sizzling paranormal romances. Get ready to RAWR and smile your way through four paranormal romances featuring [...]

Chirp Deal: A Lion’s Pride Collection2022-05-09T14:28:11-04:00

Raymond and Lainey Teaser

Out Now: Raymond (Growl and Prowl Book 3)! If Raymond died, Sunshine would be pissed. She seemed awfully interested in him, but that wasn’t the only reason Lainey allowed him to live. Her conscience nagged. He hadn’t done anything to hurt her other than show up. In his place, she would have probably done [...]

Raymond and Lainey Teaser2022-05-09T14:28:04-04:00
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