Get ready to RAWR and smile your way through four paranormal romances featuring furry heroes and crazy situations.

Includes previously released titles:

~When a Tigon Weds : ‘Til death do us part. That’s what Dean, her accidental husband is insisting on, and if he doesn’t change his mind, Natasha might grant his wish.

~When a Liger Mates : Lawrence is in trouble. That’s nothing new. What is unexpected is how he accidentally ends up mated to a human.

~Taming a Bear : Poor Hollie gets stuck with the biggest, most annoying bear of all. Andrei might think he’s the most amazing thing since catnip popsicles, but she’s not impressed.

~Lion's Quest : Nora’s been relegated to babysitting a human. A cute one with a charming smile and a nice butt who has no idea what she is. Or what she’ll do to protect the Pride’s secrets.