Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Cleopatra's Return
Cleopatra's Return
Book Cover: Toxic
Book Cover: Taming her Wolf
Taming her Wolf

Series: A Lion's Pride

Book Cover: When a Lioness Pounces
When a Lioness Pounces
Book Cover: When a Lioness Growls
When a Lioness Growls

Series: Bite-Sized Jobs

Book Cover: The Nanny Job
The Nanny Job

Series: Crazy Ella in Love

Book Cover: Even Crazier
Even Crazier

Series: Forsaken Chronicles

Book Cover: Awake in Shadows
Awake in Shadows

Series: Growl and Prowl

Book Cover: Raymond

Series: Pack

Book Cover: New Pack Order
New Pack Order

Series: Princess of Hell

Book Cover: Hell's Revenge
Hell's Revenge
Book Cover: Vacation Hell
Vacation Hell

Series: The Misfits

Book Cover: Hybrid Misfit
Hybrid Misfit

Series: Welcome to Hell

Book Cover: Welcome to Hell Omnibus
Welcome to Hell Omnibus

Series: Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My

Book Cover: Indecent Werewolf Exposure
Indecent Werewolf Exposure