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“I thought Mother Nature put her foot down on your extra-marital activities.”

“She did.” The Devil scowled. “Which is why you’ll be relying on Grim Dating to find you an acceptable partner.”

Ashley frowned. “You’re going to set me up with an agency?”

“Not just any dating place. Mine.” He flicked out the company card, and she snared it. Ashley raised her brows at the cartoon image of a reaper stabbing a heart with its scythe.

“Kind of macabre.”

“My marketing team assured me its edgy. And it suits the business. After all, who else is so well-suited to deal with demons and vampires and even werewolves than the reapers.”

“Meaning you’re going to set me up with weirdos.”

💀❤️ Sweeping Ashley (Grim Dating #2) ▶︎ Coming March 2, 2021!