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“If you’re done moping, you need to call in a few of those baby-making contracts.”

“Can we start with someone other than Ashley?” Lucifer asked, trying not to whine.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid of a clean and proper witch?” Bambi taunted.

Admit his terror? Never. “Just wondering if we shouldn’t start with someone more likely to get laid.”

“Are you saying a witch you made, one who serves you and follows your gospel, doesn’t have sex?”

“When you say it like that, it sounds super bad.”

“Because it is. She’s defying you. Look at her…take, take, taking what you gave. But has she given back?”

“Well, she does bounty hunt for me.”

“She’s paid to do that!” Bambi boomed, leaning close. “What has she done for Hell? For her Dark Lord?”

A good question. It was time that Ashley, his second-most-terrifying witch, did her part to support the legion.

But he couldn’t do this alone. This was a job for Grim Dating.

💀❤️ Sweeping Ashley (Grim Dating #2) ▶︎ Coming March 2, 2021!