Coming Next Week: Slaughter Daughter

Abby’s being framed for murder, but she’s got three great reasons to fight: Jag, Braedon, and freaking self-respect.

Her parents are serial killers—at least according to the cops and the media. Never convicted, nor arrested and charged. Tell that to the media’s nickname for Abby: Slaughter Daughter. The infamy follows wherever she goes.

She won’t give in to the bullying and, despite how it looks, she’s not a murderer. Problem is, the copycat killer on campus is doing their best to frame her.

And as if she doesn’t have enough problems, she’s got two hot guys angling for a spot in her bed. Terrible, right?

Their betrayal leads to her to finally discover the secret behind everything. If only the truth didn’t come at the cost of her life—and her only chance at love.

🗡️ Slaughter Daughter ▶︎ October 26!