The latest EveL World release is out now!

If you love my Furry United Coalition books you may enjoy taking a trip to FUCN’A with different authors in my world. This month Julia Mills brings you Dusty and Her Dino!

Dusty and her Dino are lookin’ for love and prayin’ things turn out sunny side up!

Dusty Lynne Plume, Rhode Island Red shifter and renowned mechanic, has been fixin’ everything from Burping Barbie to the engine of a 747 since before she could walk. So what’s a chickie to do when she can’t fix the man she loves or repair their love?

Dr. Alexander Anatoli—distinguished paleontologist, archeologist, ancient cultures sociologist, and medical doctor—has the highest IQ MENSA’s ever seen, and he’s even been able to solve the mysteries of ancient pharaohs. But now, as a mis-engineered Giganotosaurus shifter, he can’t even figure out which end is up when it comes to his mate.

When a nasty enemy returns from the dead, will these two lovesick shifters be forced to face what’s been right in front of them the whole time? Or will the eggs of amore get scrambled before their first kiss?

Everything seems FUC’d in feathers and scales, but then again, this is the Up Shift Creek gang, and nothing’s as it seems. Time to buckle up, buttercup, and have a FUCN’A good time!