Out today: Lying Mirror!

The mist will eradicate all life unless she finds a way to stop it.

Despite her best efforts, Agathe didn’t kill the King, but she did escape with something even more valuable.

Stealing back her magic was a good start. Now, she must find a way to save the Kingdom from the rising mist and the threats within. The spells that used to protect are fading fast with deadly consequences.

After more than a century of peace, the monsters have returned to attack the towns and villages, but they’re not the only danger. A sickness in the mist mutates everything it touches—except for Agathe. She’s special. If only she knew how to use that to her advantage.

Who can she ask for help?

Who should she believe?

Maric, the King’s most valued soldier—and her lover—wants her to return to the Citadel and join forces with the monarch who stole her magic once before.

Then there’s Zanir, a smooth-tongued liar who taunts her via a mirror. He promises her answers. Demands that she come to him so he can show her the truth.

The fact is, both men want to use her, and the wrong choice might mean the end of Agathe—and the Kingdom.

✨ 🪞 Lying Mirror (Mist and Mirrors Book 2): Out now!

Series: Mist and Mirrors

Book Cover: Mist Rising
Mist Rising
Book Cover: Lying Mirror
Lying Mirror
Book Cover: Deadly Abyss
Deadly Abyss