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Recent reviews April 2020

Here's what readers are saying about my latest releases!Panda and the Kitty: This author has one of the funniest, wierdest, and craziest imagination I have ever seen, and it's what makes all of her books so exciting and fun to read. She never disappoints her readers. I absolutely loved it. - Dianehttp://evelanglais.com/wordpress/book/fuc8/Toxic Dust: A fast [...]

Recent reviews April 20202020-04-01T23:21:37-04:00

Welcome to Hell: New Books Coming!

I have 3 new hell books coming starting June 2nd! Now's a good time to go back and read the others for a refresher on what kind of antics you can expect from Lucifer in these new books!

Welcome to Hell: New Books Coming!2020-04-01T23:20:12-04:00

The F.U.C. Series

Have you read them all? There are now 8 books in my main Furry United Coalition Series! And there are 3 books out in the Academy world (written by other authors), with another new one releasing each month this year!

The F.U.C. Series2020-03-22T15:02:43-04:00

Panda and the Kitty Teaser 7

“What are you doing?” she asked as he held open the door of the van. “Shouldn’t you have gone with your family?” “I am.” She stumbled getting into the van. He steadied her. “I never replied to your proposal.” “Even if you never do, my place is by your side.” He sat in a [...]

Panda and the Kitty Teaser 72020-03-22T15:05:03-04:00

Panda and the Kitty Teaser 6

She’d been with him less than two days, and yet that was all it had taken for all the old feelings to come rushing back, probably because they’d never left. She loved Jakob Jones. Even if he was a dumbass. Even if he was a clumsy panda bear. 🐼 Panda and the Kitty (Furry [...]

Panda and the Kitty Teaser 62020-03-22T15:06:34-04:00

TBT March!

Here is a look at my past March releases. Which book or series was your favorite? Which would you like to see more of? The Hunter (The Realm #2): 2010 Date with Death (Welcome to Hell #2.5): 2011 Dual Abduction (Alien Abduction #3): 2012 Indecent Werewolf Exposure (Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My #1): [...]

TBT March!2020-03-22T15:09:07-04:00

Panda and the Kitty Out Now!

Out today! The FUC gang is back in a brand new adventure. What sort of mom injects her son with a dangerous serum? The kind that has no problem abandoning her family to become a supervillain determined to take over the world. As if Jakob doesn’t have enough problems dealing with his mother, [...]

Panda and the Kitty Out Now!2020-03-22T15:10:19-04:00

Tomorrow: Panda and the Kitty!

Releases Tomorrow! “Why does your call show it originating from the FUC Academy?” No surprise Uncle ran a trace on what should have been a safe line. “Because I’m visiting the campus for the next little while.” “Why?” Again, his uncle didn’t bother beating around the bush. But Jakob wasn’t ready for the truth. [...]

Tomorrow: Panda and the Kitty!2020-03-22T15:13:57-04:00

More EveL World Books Coming Soon!

EveL Worlds books out now: I'll Be Dammed by Mandy Rosko Goose and the Ocelot by Jessica Ripley Bat and the Bone by Alexa Gregory Coming March 25: Panda and the Kitty by Eve Langlais Coming April 14: Jumping the Bull by Jenn Burke See more!

More EveL World Books Coming Soon!2020-03-22T15:11:40-04:00

2 days till Panda and the Kitty!

Releases in 2 days! “My family says I was missing for more than three months. When I got back, I couldn’t shift.” “But you just said you’re a panda.” “A recent change. The first time it happened, I was minding my business, eating some bamboo—” “Eating what?” “Bamboo. Delicious. But not the point. My [...]

2 days till Panda and the Kitty!2020-03-22T15:16:05-04:00
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