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Coming in 2 Weeks: Don’t Stop Believing (Midlife Mulligan #1)

Coming in 2 weeks!The weirdest thing about my life isn’t the fact my cat started talking to me.I had it all. Awesome, blossoming business. A cute boyfriend who gave me butterflies. My kids living at home and reconnecting with me. Plus, I was a witch. There, I said it out loud. I’m a sorceress who [...]

Coming in 2 Weeks: Don’t Stop Believing (Midlife Mulligan #1)2021-01-05T01:39:03-05:00

Out Now: Diamond in the Ruff by Jodi Kendrick

Out now! The next book from EveL Worlds: Diamond in the Ruff by Jodi Kendrick! An orphaned pup and a privileged kitty with only the FUCN’A in common work together to thwart family negotiations for an arranged marriage and take down a crazy old dog. Corra Terry is about to start a new life [...]

Out Now: Diamond in the Ruff by Jodi Kendrick2021-01-05T01:39:27-05:00

Coming Soon from Eve Langlais

Here is a teaser of what's coming soon! Which are you most looking forward to? What do you hope makes it on the 2021 release schedule? ☢️ Ash Princess (Deviant Future #6): December 15 💀❤️ Pushing Up Posies (Grim Dating #1): January 7, 2021 ⌛ Don't Stop Believing (Midlife Mulligan #3): January 28, 2021 🐉 [...]

Coming Soon from Eve Langlais2021-01-05T01:37:24-05:00

Nook Daily Find: Catastrophic Attraction

Today Barnes and Noble has Catastrophic Attraction (The Deviant Future Book Four) as the Romance NOOK Daily Find! It's on sale today only for $1.99!A dystopian romance for adults by New York Times, bestselling author, Eve Langlais.She is the queen he’s been waiting for.Roark wasn’t content with the way the world worked, so he made [...]

Nook Daily Find: Catastrophic Attraction2021-01-05T01:35:13-05:00

Killer heroes by Eve Langlais

Do you like killer heroes? Check out my Abduction Series, Cyborgs, Bad Boy Inc, some of the Bitten and Kodiak Point men. 💀❤️ Pushing Up Posies (Grim Dating #1) ▶︎ Out now!

Killer heroes by Eve Langlais2020-12-22T15:34:33-05:00

Paranormal romantic comedy by Eve Langlais

If you like the Hell World comedy, check out FUC, A Lion’s Pride, Alien Mate, Werewolves Vampires and Demons, Oh My, The Misfits, and the Alien Abduction series! 💀❤️ Pushing Up Posies (Grim Dating #1) ▶︎ Out now!

Paranormal romantic comedy by Eve Langlais2020-12-22T15:37:11-05:00

The Grim Dating Series

There are more books coming this year in the Grim Dating Series! Pushing Up Posies: Out Now! Sweeping Ashley: Coming March 2 Contempt of Kourtney: Coming May 11 Knocking on Helen's Door: Coming August 3

The Grim Dating Series2020-12-22T15:41:37-05:00

Pushing Up Posies Teaser 6

As she faced him, he let his cloak swirl, losing the leash he had on it. The agitation coursing through him rippled the esoteric fabric, showing her his deadly glory. Scythe and all. 💀❤️ Pushing Up Posies (Grim Dating #1) ▶︎ Out now!

Pushing Up Posies Teaser 62020-12-22T15:55:47-05:00
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