Snowballs In Hell (Princess of Hell, #2)

When Hell freezes over it’s up to Muriel, Hell’s most awesome princess, to set things right.

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Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance (MFM)

 Hi, I’m Muriel, misbegotten daughter of Satan, and once again, my life is in turmoil. An enemy left a curse on my mind, one that makes me afraid. Completely unacceptable, but in order to charge my magical batteries and remove it, I have to do something awful–betray my beloved.

As if having to participate in a threesome isn’t traumatizing enough, Hell has frozen over, and although Hades looks pretty in a blanket of white, the repercussions are severe.

Time to grab my sword and feed it some fresh demonic blood. The fate of not just Hel, but the world depends on me. Can I do what it takes to save the world?

Warning: The following is a very adult urban fantasy containing sexual scenes, violence and twisted situations that some people might find offensive. Reader discretion is advised.


The Princess of Hell Series is best read in order:



Excerpt: (18+)

Exhausted, but a lot richer—the bar had sold an obscene amount of booze—I began my walk home. This was the first time since I’d met Auric that I didn’t have company, and to my annoyance, I missed it.

Auric usually held my hand when we walked home, or on lucky nights, we flew. He might be a fallen angel, but due to a deal he’d brokered with my dad—where Auric actually kept his soul—he gained a pair of shadow wings. I loved it when he held me and swooped through the night like a dark knight preparing to debauch me.

Lost in my thoughts, I almost walked right into the trap, but luckily for me, the stench of demon acted like smelling salts. I snapped to attention. Scanning the darkness around me, the street lamps on this section of the sidewalk dead—or intentionally broken—I listened for a sound to tell me in which direction they would be coming.

I pulled my silver enchanted blades from my thigh holsters—never leave home unless armed—and palmed them. A quick chant invoked the fire within them, a magic bought from dragons and a magic so strong I couldn’t negate it.

A whisper of sound behind me made me spin, my foot arcing out and connecting with something that grunted. As my opponent staggered, I popped into a ready position. Not really necessary, given I faced only a single demon. Piece of cake. Mmm…I wondered if we had any left in the fridge.

My lack of attention didn’t mean I was oblivious to what was happening around me but at the same time, give me some credit. One bile-green demon was barely enough to make me break a sweat.

“Come on, ugly, let’s get this over with. There’s a chocolate cake with whipped cream icing calling my name at home.”

The demon didn’t seem in a hurry. He leered at me, pointed teeth gleaming, and whistled through their gaps.


It didn’t need to hear the click of claws, or the whispery sound of leather wings dragging against buildings, to know my demon opponent wasn’t alone. From the darkness, several demons emerged. All smiling. All eyeballing me like a fine piece of steak.

So much for going home and enjoying my cake. This would totally mean I’d need a shower because only savages and Amazons ate with the blood and guts of their enemy coating them.

What? Did I not show a proper concern for the enemy force facing me? Um, they’d sent only a half-dozen. I was the princess of Hell. They should have sent more.

Confidence didn’t mean I didn’t wish for my Hell blade. With my mighty sword, I would have sliced through their ranks like a knife through butter. Sadly, it didn’t go well with most of my outfits, so I’d just packed my knives.

Hand-to-hand combat provided a great workout, but it wreaked havoc on my cleaning bill.

Or if I get dirty enough, I could always go shopping.

I’d stolen Daddy’s credit card again, to his delight, which meant I could go shopping until it screamed.

Shaking out my wrists, my blades held in a reverse grip, I grinned, baring my teeth at the demons and beckoned them. “Here, pussy, pussies.”

Okay, so I mocked them. Never show fear. Then again I didn’t actually fear these demons. On the contrary, I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body, and my eyes lit with the flames of Hell, a clue that usually meant get your ass out of my way.

But being stupid minor demons—the bile demons not high on any hierarchy ladder—they obeyed orders without thought. They tightened their circle around me.

Game on.

I didn’t wait for them to attack. I moved first. More like danced, a slashing concert of death. I twirled and cut, slicing open demonic flesh, severing tendons, making them hiss and cry out as I showed them their mistake.

But there were quite a few of them. They surrounded me. When a meaty arm wrapped around my waist from behind and lifted me, my magic kicked in. Stupid and unpredictable, it only ever seemed to work when I was in dire danger.

Words of power filled my mind and rolled off my tongue in dark waves that spread from me and engulfed the demons. With shrieks and eyes that finally registered something—fear—they disintegrated into piles of ash.

Silence suddenly reigned, the only sign of the battle a sifting cloud of oily dust. Some of it got in my mouth, eeew! I coughed and fell to my knees, my body weak from all the magic I’d just expended. I heard pounding steps on the pavement and forced my head up in time to see a hooded figure jogging toward me.

The cloaked one approaches. His hand stretching. Stretching…

“No!” I cried out, the sound faint as fear stole my breath.

Panic set in, and already weak, my mind shut down.

Face, meet pavement.



* * * * *


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Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –


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“Once again I loved Muriel; she is everything I want in a female lead. She is strong, and can back up her tough words with some serious action. She is also a little bit selfish which is true of every woman.
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…But it is the true soul touching love that Auric has for Muriel that allows him to share her with another, especially with such a close friend as David. Most people do not love others as completely as Auric does (even Muriel can’t handle the thought of sharing her guys with another girl) and yet his love gives her the strength to reach out and grow in magic to defeat the evil ones in this story. “says

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