Chance’s Game (The Realm, #3)

Find the box, save the realm.

“I loved this story as it had all the elements I’ve come to expect from this talented author: a great plot with sound characters that carry me off into their adventures and the perfect amount of descriptive detail to transport me to whatever magical setting she has devised.” says Night Owl Reviews

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Please note, Chance’s Game was originally published by Champagne Book Group from February 2011 until January of 2014. To more accurately reflect the story within, I’ve given it a wicked new cover. To those who bought the original, while the story remains essentially the same, I’ve gone through it with a fine editing comb. As the very first book I ever wrote, I felt it needed some tweaking so it reflected the growth I’ve made as a writer. To those new to the story, I hope you enjoy this magical romance.

In a world where magic is common, Breanna is among the rarest of her kind and highly sought after – by all the wrong men. With a roll of his dice, in steps the God of Chance, who sets her up on a quest to free the Realm from a powerful spell. There’s just one problem. Chance expects her to team up with a wizard – who is also a devilish rake.

Her world is turned sideways when everything seems to happen at once – she meets her twin sister for the first time, keeps trying to avoid avid suitors – who don’t know how to take no for answer – and battles her attraction for the handsome wizard whom she just can’t shake.

It’s a race to save the world they know, but with magic gone wild, dangerous foes and pesky gods determined to meddle will they survive to complete their quest?

The Realm series :

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –

Editor (2013): Amanda L. Pederick

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