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Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance with Vampires/Angels/Demons & more


A story where the line between good and evil is blurred, and in some cases stomped on.


Don’t play with your food, the first rule of etiquette vampires are taught, and yet I am so tempted to nibble on the mortal doctor I’m forced to work with. My weakness for Raphael is a problem—for him. My touch is deadly to humans, although they do tend to die with a smile on their face.

Vampires are real. The world now knows, and in a gesture of good will, we’ve allowed them to send a human to study us that the populace might understand they’ve nothing to fear. We’re not savage, mindless killers. We’re cold, calculating survivors, and we know how to keep a secret.

It’s up to me to make sure this human doctor doesn’t see too much. So no eating him, as I’m sure his demise will end the precarious truce vampire kind has with the world. It saddens me to admit we will need their armies and weapons in the coming war. A war they refuse to believe is coming.

Fools. I haven’t lived this long to suffer them, and I didn’t become the general of the vampire queen’s army by being diplomatic. Everyone will fight in the upcoming battle, or they’ll feed my troops. All things living will do their part, or die.

Just like Raphael will die if he keeps tempting me with those lips. Because everyone knows a vampire’s kiss is toxic.


Excerpt: (18+)

He moved in closer, and I knew I should walk away. The rational part of me screamed to put a stop to this, even as I acknowledged the fact that I’d intentionally maneuvered him into this position. Since when had I ever done the right thing? I wanted this. I wanted him. I will have a taste.

I met his questing lips. The touch of his mouth on mine sent an erotic shiver through me, one that tightened my nipples even farther and started a throbbing in my cleft. I didn’t stop him when his hands came to rest on my hips, bigger and rougher than I would have expected of a man of science. He pulled me closer to him, the hardness of his cock, even through his bulky layers of clothing, pressing against my lower tummy and spiraling my desire. His kiss deepened, and I parted my lips for him. I even allowed him to slip his tongue into my mouth. I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying the arousal he incited, a sexual excitement like I’d never imagined and one that, unfortunately, couldn’t go any further. Not if I wanted him to live.

I bit down on his tongue, gentle enough so as to not break skin but hard enough to grab his attention. The idiot man groaned, and for a moment, his grip on me tightened. Why, oh why, did I suddenly have to acquire morals? I pushed at him, and he stepped back. His eyes burned with arousal, but all too quickly, his usual placid expression slid back into place. How I wish I knew his trick to doing that because I was anything but calm right now.

“That was interesting,” he said, breaking the silence.

I scowled. “You shouldn’t have done that.” I lied. I wanted him to kiss me again, naked while fucking me.

“Why not? Sexuality seems to be a large part of your persona, a fact you’ve made blatantly obvious.” He brushed a knuckle across my bare nipple, and I shuddered, for a moment fervently wishing he’d follow with his mouth.

I gave myself a mental shake. “Fine. I made you kiss me because I’m a vampire slut. Now write it down in your little notebook and don’t do it again.” I hopped off the bed, afraid to look back and see the puddle of my desire soaking the sheet.

Raphael, though, wasn’t ready to let me go, and he caught my arm as I went to flee his presence—and to find something I could fuck without killing.

“Why are you so upset? Are you involved with someone?”

I peered back at him incredulously. “No.”

“Then where’s the harm in a kiss?” he asked, trying to reel me back into his arms. I just braced my feet and let my superior strength keep me away from temptation. To my surprise, he was stronger than I’d given him credit for, and I almost went stumbling back against him.

I scowled at him. “A kiss is fine. It’s the rest that’s dangerous.”

He grinned at me, a masculine smile that seemed out of place on his scholarly face, or had I misjudged my sexy scientist? “I think I can handle some hot sex.”

“Not with me you can’t,” I replied, shaking my head, even as my hormones cried for me to give in. “I’m toxic.”

He frowned. “What do you mean toxic?”

“Sex with me is toxic to humans,” I replied with a shrug. “Or, more accurately, my orgasms kill your kind.”

The jerk laughed. “If that’s a boast of your prowess, then I’ll admit I’m intrigued.”


* * * * *
Content Editor: Devin Govaere

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –

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Five Blue Ribbons
“As usual Ms. Langlais doesn’t hold back on the quips or great narrative. Ellie is a joy as all Ms. Langlais’ heroines are. Her interactions with Rafe and the delicious plot keep you rapt. I can’t wait for the next installment. This author always delivers. “says Claudette of Romance JunkiesFor the full review click here.
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Five Heart Review for Toxic

“Toxic was amazing from the first page to the last. I couldn’t put the book down and had to find out how Ellie and Rafe would be able to get together.

Ellie is a kick butt girl who doesn’t apologize for her thoughts or language. She isn’t remorseful about her life but accepts what happened and strives to make things better, even for the people she considers “food”. ”

says M Dobson of Sizzling Hot Books

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Five Star Review for Toxic

“I loved everything about this story. Ellie was awesome…the daemons were evil and disgusting and Raphael was delicious!!

I swear I was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” at the end..LOVED IT!! I can definitely see this series as being one of my favs right up there with “Princess of Hell”!!”

says Vanes Mate the Bookaholic

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Fantastic Review for Toxic

” This is an awesome book. You get just the right amount of romance and are on the edge of your seat the whole time wondering when they will get it on. I loved the connection with the two characters.” says Amber I

“If I’m screaming, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”, mentally when a book ends then it deserves 5 freaking stars. I swear if there’s not a sequel coming, my life is over. ” says Amber R

says The Ambers of Awesome Sauce Bookclub

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Four Star Review for Toxic

“I thoroughly love a great story line with a strong female front and center.

…Toxic is equal parts urban fantasy and para romance and with a character like Ellie who throws curve ball after curve ball any reader will be entertained. ”

says Lov Liv Life Reviews

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Four Howl Review for Toxic

“Toxic is a true urban fantasy story with a touch of romance. As a romance reader I love to be able to have the two sub-genres mixed together.

… This is a very nice story with plenty of action and suspense. ”

says Laurie of Bitten By Paranormal Romance

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