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Past February books

Here's a look back at the books I've released in past Februarys - which did you read first? Which was your favorite? Which do you want to see more of? Chance's Game (The Realm Book 3): 2011 Dating Cupid: 2011 Claiming Her Geeks: 2012 C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines Book 1): 2012 Seth (Cyborgs: [...]

Past February books2022-02-22T19:50:40-05:00

Pack on Radish

Pack is available on Radish! Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms, but the price of defiance was her happiness. Pack law states Lycan females must be shared by two or more males, but young and in love, Dana flees rather than be forced into a ménage. Her life [...]

Pack on Radish2022-02-22T19:53:03-05:00

Coming in 2 weeks: The Barbarian King’s Assassin

Coming in 2 weeks: Tragedy forged her, but love tempered her steely heart. There aren’t many choices for a child arrested and charged with murder. When a mysterious stranger asks an imprisoned Ilyana to be his apprentice, she accepts. Fast forward a few decades and she’s an expert in her field, an assassin for [...]

Coming in 2 weeks: The Barbarian King’s Assassin2022-02-22T19:54:16-05:00

Books with marriage of convenience

Do you like books featuring marriage of convenience? Check out Stefan, First Mate's Accidental Wife, and Propositioned by the Billionaire Moose! https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/books/all-available-books/

Books with marriage of convenience2022-02-12T11:00:41-05:00

Books with science experiments

Want more books with science experiments? Check out the Growl and Prowl Series, The Misfits Series, The Furry United Coaltion series, Chimera Secrets, Bitten Point, and Becoming Dragon! https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/books/all-available-books/

Books with science experiments2022-02-12T10:57:03-05:00

Books with tiger shifters

Want more tiger shifters? Check out Stefan, A Tiger's Bride, Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Missing Lynx, and When an Omega Snaps https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/books/all-available-books/

Books with tiger shifters2022-02-12T11:00:46-05:00

Out Now from EveL Worlds: Honeyed Nut

The latest EveL World release is out now! If you love my Furry United Coalition books you may enjoy taking a trip to FUCN'A with different authors in my world. This month Jodi Kendrick brings you Honeyed Nut! A kid, a second chance, and a mystery chicken. Minutes after Bear learns he’s a daddy, [...]

Out Now from EveL Worlds: Honeyed Nut2022-02-12T11:04:16-05:00

The Growl and Prowl Series

They'll have to learn how to growl if they want to protect those they love. Dominick: Out Now! Stefan:Out Now! Raymond: Coming May 10! https://evelanglais.com/wordpress/series/growl-and-prowl

The Growl and Prowl Series2022-02-12T11:04:08-05:00

Coming May 10: Raymond

Will Raymond find the hacker warning him to back off? And when he does, will the answers she’s concealing lead to a happily-ever-after? 🐈 Raymond (Growl and Prowl Book Three) releases May 10th!

Coming May 10: Raymond2022-02-12T11:06:24-05:00

Assassin Next Door free ebook!

Assassin Next Door (Bad Boy Inc Book 1) is free this February! He's just a hot guy living next door to a single mom - and oh yeah, he kills people for a living. Suburbia, a great place for a man with secrets to hide while investing in some solid real estate. The biggest [...]

Assassin Next Door free ebook!2022-02-12T11:08:02-05:00

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