Broomstick Breakdown

A malfunctioning broom leads to romance of the furry kind.

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Genre: Paranormal/Shifter/Witch Romance

A paranormal romance with shapeshifters, witches and fated mates.

Fate works in mysterious ways.

Sophia is on her way to her first Halloween gathering for witches when her broomstick breaks down. Luckily, she lands at a garage where a hunky mechanic, after a spell of persuasion, agrees to act as chauffeur.

Aidan is more than just a sexy driver though. As a wolf shapeshifter, magic doesn’t affect him, but he’s not immune to the powerful draw of his true mate. Mating should be simple, but he didn’t count on a stubborn witch making abduction his only option.

With the factions they belong to discouraging mixed species mating, will they find love like fate intended?

Excerpt: (18+)

The magic powering her broom coughed and sputtered. Sophia held on tight as she lost altitude and weaved drunkenly through the night sky.“You’ve got to be freaking kidding me,” she muttered aloud. Apparently spelling a broom while frazzled and rushed had unwanted side effects: like becoming intimately acquainted with the ground. Oops.She fought with the roughening antics of her broom, the wooden handle jerking between her hands.

Cursing her bad luck in language not fit for human ears, she spotted the lights of a gas station easily visible in the dark and aimed herself at it for an emergency landing. She also prayed to the dark lord—“No road rash. No road rash.” She’d taken weeks to heal the raw patches the last time she’d crashed her broom. A natural broom flyer she was not, and she’d put in a request for the rare and popular Ali Baba book of spells. Somehow carpet flying sounded a lot safer than the traditional witchy method of travel.

The ground came up to meet her and with one last quick prayer, she used her feet to slow her momentum, stumbling several feet before she came to a halt on the pavement. I didn’t crash. Yay! Sophia swung off her broom and glared at it, the problem easily evident. Most of the bristles had fallen out along with the magic that imbued them with flight.

Shoot. Now how am I supposed to get to the All Hallows Eve Convention on time? She was still staring at her only means of transportation in consternation when a man came out of the garage into the pool of light surrounding the gas pumps where she’d landed. He rubbed his hands on a rag, and the corded muscles of his arms gleamed with sweat even though the air was somewhat cool.

Any other time, she would have taken the time to admire the way the fabric of his black T-shirt stretched across an impossibly wide chest and clearly delineated a mountainous amount of muscle. If her concern over being late had not overshadowed all thought, she would have also noticed the way his well-worn jeans clung snugly to his groin and thickly muscled thighs. Oh, who was she kidding, even in the midst of a calamity, she couldn’t help but notice how hot the mechanic was with his tanned skin, ruffled dark hair, and strutting walk. Any other time, she would have enjoyed playing the damsel in distress, a routine that involved the shedding of clothes and inhibitions, but she had an appointment to keep, and while lateness ran in her blood, the senior witches of her coven frowned—with rather unpleasant results—on junior witches who couldn’t show up on time.

Most people under the glare of fluorescent lights looked sickly; not this babe, though. Vivid green eyes peered at her from under dark brows, and the hunky stranger’s full lips twitched as he gave her the once-over, a look that made her nipples tighten in response and moisture soften her cleft.

Clearing her throat and blushing under his frank perusal, she drew her plump self up, all of her five-foot two inches, and in a voice that emerged squeakier than intended said “Um, hi there.” Although she might be witch of questionable morals, a witty conversationalist she was not.

Brilliant white teeth gleamed as he grinned at her, a deep dimple forming in his left cheek that sent her awakening libido into full sexual crush mode and dampened her panties even further. Damn, pity I can’t bottle him because I’d make a fortune—after I’d enjoyed him first of course. Her dirty thoughts made her blush even deeper, and she thanked heaven he couldn’t read her mind even if her body seemed unable to stop betraying her.

“Hello.” His deep voice rumbled pleasantly, and Sophia fought an urge to shiver—and throw herself at him begging him to whisper naughty nothings with his sexy voice. She didn’t understand her body’s out-of-proportion reaction to this stud. Sure, he was hotter than molten lava, but since when did her hormones drool and scream at her to maul a stranger on sight? She usually required a drink and dinner first at the very least.

She ignored how her body tingled and vibrated and got straight to the point. “Do you have a broom I could borrow by any chance?”

He cocked an eyebrow at her, and one corner of his mouth turned up in a lopsided grin. “A broom? Feeling a sudden urge to clean?”

Sophia blushed again then remembered who she was. A witch, a junior one maybe, but a witch nevertheless, so he, a mere human, shouldn’t mock her. She straightened her spine and tried to adopt a chilly tone and face, not an easy task with her rounded cheeks and full lips. “Yes, I need a broom, if you please.”

With a look that said ‘Whatever you say, crazy lady,’ he went back into the open garage bay, and she found herself watching the hypnotic and enticing view of his ass in tight jeans as he strode out of sight. Sigh. He really was a nice male specimen. Maybe she’d make a detour on the way back.

A few moments later, he brought out a monstrosity of a broom, its wooden handle and wide brush head covered in grease and dirt. He held it out to her, and Sophia wrinkled her nose, not making a move to touch the filthy thing. “You know the purpose of a broom for most people is to clean, not create a bigger mess.”

“This is a garage. We don’t care if it’s clean; we just use it push the crap out of the way.” His tone and expression held a note of impatience, a feeling she found imbuing her as well.

“Well I can’t use that, that thing. Dammit, are there any stores around here that sell clean brooms?”

“Sure,” he drawled. “ ’Course they’re all closed at this hour.”

Frustration almost made steam pour from her ears, and it must have shown in her face, for he dropped his mocking attitude. “Listen, I don’t quite understand why you need a broom at this hour of night, but surely it can wait for morning. Now, why don’t you tell me where you left your car and I’ll walk you back to it.”

“I don’t have a car. Why the hell do you think I needed a broom?” she grumbled only when she realized that his face had creased in confusion because what she had said made no sense. To a human anyway.


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Editor: Leigh Ramsey –
Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah –

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