His Teddy Bear

All he wants is his chubby Teddy bear.

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Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter Romance

A sensual romance (with lots of spice) featuring a full figured woman and the werewolf who wants her.

Chubby Teddy, who is ironically enough a bear shifter, has finally found her mate. There’s one big problem though. He doesn’t like what he sees.

Reece never imagined his chosen mate would be a woman with extra curves, but all it takes is one taste to realize the benefits and turn his world upside down.

Their arguments are many, their lust for each other fiery, but while he’s ready to for the next step, Teddy keeps running. What will it take to win her trust and heart?

And an even better question; will they ever make it to a bed?


Reece couldn’t believe the short, chubby woman looking up at him was his mate. Didn’t fate know he liked his women tall and slim?

Even more astonishing was the dismissal in her vivid blue eyes when their gazes met. Before he could say a word, she snorted with clear disdain and pushed past him.

With that simple touch, lightning struck. Reece sucked in a breath as the brief contact set his body aflame—and instantly hardened his cock. Extra curves or not, the urge to bend her over and take her almost overwhelmed him.

And appeared one-sided.

As if she cared not a whit and hadn’t sensed a thing, she sauntered away from him to the bar and signaled the bartender. Reece knew he must look a sight, gaping after her like an idiot. But, seriously, while he saw no problem with his aversion of her general shape, he found himself stunned at her evident dislike of him. Women love me!

He couldn’t stop staring at her as he waited for her to turn and face him. How could she not when everything in his being screamed at him to claim her? Surely she feels the same pull? But ignore him she did as she tossed back a few shots and murmured with a tall blonde who’d arrived to join her.

When the little bear did finally leave the bar, it wasn’t to come back to him. Oh no, instead, she moved further away as she shimmied her way onto the packed dance floor.

Reece couldn’t stop his feet from moving in her direction while his eyes tracked her. Self-respect screamed that he treat her indifferently—tit for tat—but his wolf and rod had different thoughts on the matter. His cock refused to play dead, and to his disbelief, thickened ever further as he watched her short and curvy frame gyrate on the dance floor. Her rounded bottom jiggled in a way his cock found much too fascinating and his jeans became tight and confining.

Reece dropped his hands to his crotch to cover his evident arousal, not that anyone paid him any attention—not even the woman his agitated wolf howled was their mate.

Then a feeling he’d never experienced before, but had seen all too often in his mated friends, engulfed him. Jealousy. He wanted to fight it, but it wasn’t just his wolf who freaked when it noticed another shifter sidle up to her and start dancing. Reece couldn’t prevent the growl that slipped past his lips when the other man touched his woman and swung her around.

And then the little witch had the nerve to stick her tongue out at him—a pink temptation that made him curl his hands into fists. Her laughter at his expense—a challenging and taunting sound—rung clear as a bell in his ears.

Reece knew he should walk away. She’d made it obvious she had no interest in him, and truly, she wasn’t his type—even as his engorged cock made lie of that assumption—but instead of returning to the bar to get rip roaring drunk, he found himself a heartbeat later on the dance floor, prying the groping hands of the soon-to-be dead man from his woman.

The lycan who’d dared encroach on his territory took one look at Reece’s snarling face and blanched. “She’s all yours, man. I didn’t know she was taken.”

Reece could only growl as the man, who’d dared touch her, slunk away. He longed to chase after him and inflict damage, but that would mean leaving his fated mate alone to start more mischief.

He turned his attention to the woman who’d managed to shoot his control to hell and disordered his life in less than thirty minutes flat. She returned his glare with a cool one of her own. She crossed her arms under plush breasts that strained over the edge of her top and Reece’s eyes became riveted by her shadowy cleavage. Now that’s what I call a pair of tits.

He moved closer to her and noted the slight tremble in her frame—and smelled the desire her attitude tried to deny. He flicked his gaze back to her face and saw her blue eyes widen as he invaded her space. This close to her, Reece could no longer think coherently. All he knew was he had to touch her, claim her, now.

She fled before he could lay a hand on her and make her his.


Editor: Brieanna Roberston – www.brieannarobertson.com
Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah – www.rabiyahbooks.com

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Four Angel Review for His Teddy Bear “With every book I read by Eve Langlais, I fall deeper in love. Her books are just plain ‘ole fun. Heavy on charm, with a large dose of laughter on the side, His Teddy Bear was no exception.

When confronted with your mate for the first time, it’s probably best not to tell her that she’s chubby and not your type. The fact that Teddy didn’t make him wear his balls as a hat showed strength of will I’m not sure I would have possessed. Though their start was rocky, I think they may just win the “horniest couple ever” award. ”

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Five Star Review for His Teddy Bear “His Teddy Bear is sweet and sensual to the core. All Teddy wants is to know that her mate loves her and not just feeling the mating frenzy. No wham-bam-thank-you-mam for her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chase. Teddy gets spooked, she runs then Reece goes chasing. Let me say… I love all the wicked things Reece says and does. ”

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Four and A Quarter Star Review for His Teddy Bear “What an interesting perspective and change of pace. The shifters in all the stories I’ve previously read are gorgeous and their mates the same. Teddy is your average (pardon the pun) bear. She’s not stunning or statuesque…

…I’ve never been a big fan of the destined mate because it seemed an excuse to me. But in this case it was the engine that powered the story.

…A very romantic read that wasn’t all puppies and ribbons.” says Chris of Night Owl Rmance

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Four Ribbon Review for His Teddy Bear “This is a funny sexy book. I loved that Teddy was plus sized, and I found it more realistic and a nice plot twist, that Reece was initially not altogether happy with his chosen mate.

Teddy’s insecurities aren’t all related to her appearance. Her fears are based on real issues and helping her with them made Reece more lovable. This is a great book that I’ll read again, and again. ”

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Five Star Review for His Teddy Bear “Eve Langlais writes a funny, witty and extremely sexy paranormal story.

I’m so glad that I ‘discovered’ this author. I have enjoyed every book by her so far and have yet to be disappointed. ”

says Steffi of Book World Travels Blog

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