Coming March 16th

Book Cover: Humanity's Endgame
Editions:E-Book: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781773842059
Paperback / Print: $ 7.99
ISBN: 9781773842066
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 140
*Stand alone story. Not connected to a series.

Humanity’s endgame was only the beginning for me.

Aliens ended life as we know it on Earth.

Not on purpose I should add, though that didn’t matter to the billions who died. But it turned out, in some respects, surviving was even worse.

My family used to say good thing I was pretty. In case you were wondering, it didn’t help when the end of the world arrived.

Alone, and afraid, somehow, I managed to hold on. Foraging for supplies. Eking out a hidden existence. Avoiding the mutants that emerged after the alien plague.

I’d resigned myself to dying alone, which was when I literally fell into Xavion’s arms.

And somehow managed to find love in the apocalypse.



The stench of despair and death surrounded me. I’d finally run out of luck. In this dark and dirty place, I’d finally entered the last stage of my life.

The endgame.

How had it come to this?


Five years ago, I thought the most pressing thing I had to worry about was how many people liked my latest selfie. The moment I’d post my very contrived picture—selected from about fifty—I was checking to see who liked it. Did anyone comment? Who could I see active online not responding at all?

Back then I worried about all the wrong things. Petty things that took up my entire day when I wasn’t at work. And by work I meant the mindless drone of answering phones and making appointments for people in need of dental work.

Facing certain, painful death, I missed my old life. Wished I’d not wasted those days when everything was going so fucking good. I could eat whenever I wanted, whatever I desired. Slept in a warm, clean, and comfortable bed. Knew nine-one-one was a phone call away if I needed help.

Then it happened. The world ended.

Not because of climate change—and for the curious, the only thing that improved after humanity stopped polluting was the smog. The weather remained just as unpredictable.

Because of the predicted nuclear apocalypse? Wrong, although it did come close when North Korea had a missile malfunction. That was the end of that dictatorship.

So what destroyed humanity?

Remember the COVID pandemic of 2020? Nope, it wasn’t that.

Nothing compared to the virus that wiped out billions of people. We had no cure. No way of stopping it. After all, it wasn’t manmade or from an animal on earth.

Aliens did it.

I still remember snorting in disbelief as the president of the United States, a man abhorred by half the nation, adored by the other, gave a speech, live streamed to everyone in the world and said, “My fellow Americans, we’ve made contact.”