Alien Mate #2

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Genre: Erotic Sci-Fi/Alien Romance

Lex’s ancestors have chosen a mate for him, there’s only one problem. She’s not the earthling he wants.

Maya’s been raised to believe in extra-terrestrials and when she saves ones from drowning, she can’t resist taking him home-and into her bed. When this curvy Latina learns of his mission to collect his mate, she decides to help him even as she wishes she could be the chosen one.

Lex’s mission to collect his mate has been fraught with difficulties and to add even more trouble to the mix, he finds himself attracted to the wrong earthling.

Things get complicated in New Mexico for the military’s on the hunt for an ET, Maya’s determined to do what’s right, and Lex finds himself in the biggest battle of all-the one between his heart and his honor.

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*Each book can be read as a stand alone.

Excerpt: (18+)

Lex dreamt he kissed sweet lips while his body covered a luscious body made for pumping. It took him a moment of fuzzy bliss to realize this was no dream. The smart thing to do would have been to break off the passionate embrace with the human, but he didn’t want it to stop. No longer confused, even though his shock at falling in that liquid pool had been great, he briefly wondered at his unexpected reaction to the woman underneath him, for there was no mistaking what he felt—desire, and it raged like a wild beast through his body. He might have lost consciousness, but he was definitely awake now, well, a certain hard part of him, that is.

Sharp teeth bit his lip, and with an exclamation, he pulled back from the kiss.

“Get off me,” said a female voice that even in irritation lilted musically.

Lex didn’t move right away, his body reluctant to leave the soft haven it nestled on. The body under his thrashed, and a knee came perilously close to his male parts. Rolling off the female, who despite her kissing of him, no longer wanted his attentions, Lex wondered if perhaps he’d finally gotten lucky on his forsaken mission.

“I don’t suppose your name is Amanda Beckwith?” he asked.

“Mierda!” exclaimed the earthling. “I save your life, let you maul me, and now you have the nerve to ask me if I am another woman? Bah, I don’t know who this Amanda is, but she is welcome to you.”

The human’s words and attitude were fiery, and Lex, who hadn’t lost his initial erection, hardened even more, a fact he didn’t understand since he preferred his women respectful and obedient.

“Sorry. I am unsure of your customs.” Lex waited for the Alpha 350 to prompt him on what he should do next, but he heard nothing. Actually, come to think of it, he hadn’t heard the AI since he’d plunged into the liquid.

The female just glared at him as she picked her damp self off the ground.

Lex groaned, and not just because he’d lost his link to the computer, but because he finally got to see the plump body of the feisty female, and by all the moons, she was curvaceous perfection. The damp white fabric of her clothing clung to and outlined full breasts, the nipples visible and erect against the cloth.

“What is wrong? Are you injured? Do you require medical attention?” Her words displayed concern, but her tone implied annoyance.

Lex lied. Somehow he didn’t think telling her that she had the body of a moon goddess that he longed to worship—with his tongue and cock—would go over well given her rather violent reaction to his earlier kiss. “I can’t contact my computer.”

She turned to look at the rectangular pit filled with fluid, surely a trap for the unwary, and a great defense mechanism.

“You dropped your laptop?” she finally queried as she slipped on some shoes and picked up a bag.

“Your comment makes no sense, earthling. My lap is still on my legs. I speak of the communicator for my vessel. It must have been damaged in my plunge into that vat of foul liquid. I have no way of contacting my ship’s computer. This is a complete disaster.”

“You are loco.” She laughed. “Figures, a man who kisses a chubby maid like me would be out of his mind. Since you are obviously fine, or as fine as someone like you can be, I will be leaving, senor.”

The voluptuous earthling turned to leave just as the sound of baying animals sounded, their rabid voices carried on the rising dawn air.

“Wait,” he called out. When she did not stop, he strode after her and grabbed her arm, spinning her.

She opened her mouth, but then said nothing, her eyes widening as she stared at him in shock.

“¡Dios mío. You’re—you’re blue!” she finally exclaimed.

“Of course I am,” he said with a frown. “What other color would I be?”

* * * * *
Alien Mate 2 is an action packed story featuring more alien probes of a pleasurable kind. Now available from Amira Press

Editor: Erin Cramer
Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah –

ISBN: 978-1-936279-39-5


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“Alien Mate 2 is the second installment in what I am finding is a laugh out loud spicy series. I love the idea of the large blue men, (hey a girl has to have fantasies!).

Ms. Langlais does a wonderful job in bringing them to life. I love how the story starts as basic star crossed lovers and is turned into an intrigue adventure with true love blossoming. ”

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“Eve Langlais has made me believe in sexy blue aliens! This is a fantastic erotic romance story for all of those who have ever given New Mexico’s area 51 a thought.

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“…Alien Mate 2 is a novella and I was really amazed at how much world building and character development Eve Langlais pulls together without taking away from the steamy romance.

… With unique twists and turns Alien Mate 2 is a fast, fun, sexy read that will leave you wanting a blue alien of your own.

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“…I found this novella to be an extremely hot read. Eve Langlais is a master at her craft.

… I am very pleased with the spin that Eve put on the the ending. It wrapped the story up nicely.”

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