Alien Mate #3

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Genre: Erotic Sci-Fi/Alien Romance

Kidnapped or rescued, it’s a matter of alien perspective. Either way, it results in pleasurable probing.

Abducted by a hunky blue alien, researcher and admitted geek Penny is eager to study his mating habits—in the flesh. She’d like to blame her illogical affection for him on hormones, but the erotic remedy just heightens her chemical imbalance.

Reg never thought a simple rescue mission would make him question his decision to remain single for while Penny drives him crazy with her never-ending questions, her simple presence inflames his lust—and causes havoc with his emotions. But is he ready to give up the galactic travel he loves so much to settle down with an earthling female?

Previous in Series: Alien Mate & Alien Mate 2
*Each book can be read as a stand alone.

Excerpt: (18+)

“Oh fudge. I’m going to die.” Even upset as she was, Penelope couldn’t swear with real words, her upbringing with a strong emphasis on manners too strongly instilled. Her breath came fast and hard as panic clawed at her. She dropped her face into her hands, too shocked to cry at the news NASA had just relayed. Sure, when she’d taken undertaken this quest, she’d understood there were risks and filled out the proper forms including a will—not that she had much to give, or anybody to give it to. I wonder what they’ll do with my collection of glass cats. What a stupid thing to think of at a time like this. Who cared? She was about to die.

NASA’s life changing words played over and over in her head like some sick joke.

“…regret to inform you that a small asteroid is headed on a collision course with your pod. Impact is unavoidable and will occur in less than fifteen minutes. We regret that computer simulations give you no chance at survival. Sorry. We’ve already downloaded all your latest observations so that your work is not lost. Would you care to relay any last words to family and friends?”

Instead of replying, she’d switched off the communicator. Somehow, she didn’t think the crew at Cape Canaveral would appreciate hysterical screaming. Penelope pressed her face up against the porthole window and squinted at the darkness, wondering if she’d even see the small rock coming to blow her into galactic bits. I wonder if my remains will fall to the ground in a bloody Penelope rain, or will I orbit earth forever in frozen chunks? Gross thoughts, but she couldn’t help the macabre humor. It was that or give in to the hysteria bubbling inside.

And to think I was so proud I’d beat out everyone else for this job. Hundreds had jumped at the chance to be sent into space to live for one year in a pod alone with only the stars and NASA staff on the intercom for company. They wanted to conduct a study on the effects of space on a person both mentally and physically. And Penelope had won. In a rapid blur and before she could realize what it really meant, she’d found herself examined, inoculated and given a crash course on space pod living and repair. Then, wham, she’d found herself weightless in space.

Reality, of course, differed from the simulations. For one, it was much harder to pee without gravity than she’d expected. There were a few incidents before she re-learned to use the potty without having to clean up floating drops of urine—so gross. And the food, freeze dried rations, were so unappetizing she would have ended up a skeleton had she been able to exercise without bouncing off the pod’s instrument panels.

However, small irritants aside, to her surprise, she discovered she enjoyed the quiet peace of space. Her living quarters were small, most of the habitat space taken up with environmental needs such as air and temperature control, but she survived in her cramped home. She used her time to read and took notes on the experience. She’d written a hundred pages for her thesis already. When she found herself getting lonely, she cheered herself by imagining her name and picture on the front page of all the major science magazines. This was to be a crowning achievement for her and a dream come true. What a nightmare instead.

She’d definitely make the news now though, probably with headlines of “Asteroid Kills Geek Girl.” Pity she wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy her infamy. Penelope stamped the floor in frustration and the impact shot her up to bump her head on the ceiling of the pod as she forgot the gravity situation. Tears finally brimmed as she rubbed her head. It’s not fair! I don’t want to die.

Agnostic, she didn’t believe in a god or religion, but she dropped to her knees—kind of, if you counted bent knees while floating in a gravity free zone kneeling—and suddenly converted. With her eyes clamped shut and her hands clasped together, she prayed fervently.

“Please God, Yahweh, Aslan, Buddha or whatever name you prefer, it’s me, Penelope. I know we’ve never talked before probably because, according to science, you don’t exist. But if, by chance, research is wrong and you are actually real, I don’t suppose you’d find it in your heart, if you have a heart that is, to save me, somehow. I’d be ever so grateful.”

“I am here to answer your prayer, earthling. Consider yourself saved.”

At the sound of the deep voice behind her and the hand that touched her shoulder, Penelope screamed, and in a very illogical move, especially for her, passed out

* * * *

Reg stared at the female in the silvery jumpsuit floating facedown in the barbaric craft and wondered why she’d reacted so strangely.

He spoke aloud, switching back to his mother tongue instead of the crude language earthlings used. “Ralph, is the Earthling ill?”

Alpha 400, the newest AI model for his spacecraft—intelligent and imbued of enough personality to demand a name—replied via ear transmitter. “I believe you frightened her.”

“But I heard her request to be saved. Why would she be scared when I have arrived to grant her wish?”

“My records indicate that females of all species tend to react in unexpected ways even when given what they’ve demanded. Now, if I might suggest, you should gather her that we might teleport off her vessel. The asteroid is due to impact in less than five hundred heart beats.”

Reg leaned down and turned the female over onto her back. He sucked in a breath. What a lovely creature. Her skin was the white of the snows on Lentarra Five. Her hair the rich red of the fires on Altykia. Her full mouth was slightly parted and soft-looking, tempting him for a moment to kiss her awake.

With a mental slap, he reminded himself she wasn’t a space doxy in some galactic brothel—if she were, she’d probably demand a high price. Bringing his mind back to the situation at hand, he slid an arm under head and gave her a light tap on the cheek. Her delicate lashes fluttered and she opened her eyes. Instead of screaming, she smiled dreamily at him.

“What do you know, there is a heaven. How extraordinary, but I have to say, I didn’t expect angels to be blue.”

“I am not an angel, whatever that creature might be. I am a Xamian warrior here to rescue you.”

“A Xamian what?” Her green eyes widened. “Oh sweet baby corn, you’re an alien.” She flailed in an attempt to right herself in the gravity-free space. “You’ve come to abduct me, how grand!”

“Rescue,” he corrected. “Now hold on tight, we’re going to transport back to my vessel before this one disintegrates.”

The female flung her arms around his neck and Reg wrapped his own arms around her slight frame, not understanding the instant interest his cock took in this female. Pretty face or not, her frame was slimmer than he usually preferred, but his shaft, turgid in his own jumpsuit didn’t seem bothered by it. “Ralph, we’re ready.”

A heartbeat later, he found himself back in the decontamination chamber of his ship. He unwound the female’s arms from around him—reluctantly.

She looked around with bright-eyed curiosity, thankfully not yelling like she had earlier. Reg, in the more natural light of his ship, found her even more enchanting, her exotic coloring making her appear as a fragile bloom, one he longed to pluck. He said nothing as she explored, waiting for her to speak, but when she finally did, he almost choked.

“Now that you’ve abducted me, does this mean you’re going to strip me naked and probe me?”

* * * * *
Alien Mate 3 is a galactic romp featuring a scientific–and pleausrable study–of alien probes. Available for purchase from my publisher Amira Press

Editor: Brieanna Roberston –
Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah –

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