Python’s Embrace (Bitten Point #3)

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He loves to HUG and SQUEEZE.

This python loves to hug.

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Welcome to Bitten Point, where a big bad snake dotes on his itty-bitty dog. Got a problem with it? Then speak to his fist.

Don’t mock Constantine’s dog. Princess might weigh only six and a half pounds, but she’s tough—so watch your ankles. Be warned, if she doesn’t like you then neither will Constantine.

Except he kinds of likes Aria, even though Princess would prefer to bury her in a hole.

Could it be because Aria has secrets? Lots of them, and they all have to do with the danger stalking Bitten Point. People are missing, and some have turned up dead. Monsters are roaming and not just the swamp at night but the streets too. At the heart of the mystery is a bite-sized woman, a woman Constantine wants to hug tightly in his coils and…keep forever?

A cold-blooded snake, Constantine can’t help but crave the warmth that is Aria, but can he keep her out of mortal danger long enough to make her his mate?

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter Romance

Bitten Point Series: 


Stupid swamp. The water had long ago leeched all the warmth from her limbs. Worse, though, was the mud. It sucked at Aria’s limbs when she tried to rest. It coated her in a slimy second skin that reeked so badly even the bugs didn’t dare make a feast out of her. But at least it hid her from the trackers.

Despite the fatigue drugging all her senses, she knew they were out there, searching. Hunting…

Hunting for me so they can drag me back to the institute and silence me forever—or worse.


Capture wasn’t an option. Since her escape, she hadn’t stopped running. She’d swum until her arms threatened to fall off. Slogged through thick marsh until her legs filled with heavy lead. She wanted to lie down and take a long nap, but that would mean giving up, and that wasn’t an option.

The monsters at Bittech hunted her, and she didn’t mean just Merrill and his henchmen. Real monsters existed. Beasts without conscience. They would just as soon find her as kill her. Nowhere was safe, not land, air, or water.

But I refuse to be their next victim. She wouldn’t give in without a fight.

An ululating shriek came in the distance, an eerie sound that echoed, silencing the normal creatures that roamed the night. Stillness descended as even the bugs stopped their hum, and her breath froze in her lungs.

They unleashed the aerial hunters. She’d hoped to clear the swamp before that happened. Hell, she’d hoped to make it out of Bitten Point before nightfall. However, the bayou hadn’t cooperated, and now that full dark had arrived, the chase was truly on.

As the primal scream filled the dark sky again, she didn’t move for a moment, just remained crouched in the mud and weeds, hoping against hope the hunter wouldn’t spot her. She couldn’t help but crane to peer at the sky overhead, dark yet glittering with thousands of stars.

For a moment, a shadow appeared, spotlighted against the moon, a rapier-gazed creature aloft on leathery wings.

Did it see her? Would it dive? She ducked down lest the whites of her eyes give her away. She lay huddled, still and barely breathing.

Shrieking in annoyance, the hunter banked and flapped away.

A few dozen heartbeats later, she dared to suck in a lungful of air and face forward, only to blink at her newest predicament.


The vicious sound came from a beady-eyed creature, its furry muzzle curled back to reveal tiny pointed teeth.


Did it seriously think to threaten her? She’d eaten squirrels bigger than that for snacks.

But of more concern than the aggressive appetizer was the shadow that rose above them both. A deep voice said, “Well, well, Princess, what do we have here?”

“Trouble if you don’t get out of my way.” Aria glared at the big dude through a dirty hank of hair. Even she could admit she lacked an intimidation factor, yet when he dared to laugh, she didn’t think twice before acting.

The handful of mud hit the behemoth square in the face with a satisfying splat.

“Did you really just do that?” he asked with clear annoyance as he wiped the mud from his face with a hand.

Dumb question seeing as how she had. “Get out of my way.”

“Or what?”

Perhaps flinging a second handful wasn’t the most mature response. Her excuse? I’m tired.

Before she could explain how he deserved it, Princess attacked!


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