Gator’s Challenge (Bitten Point #4)

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This gator is about to SNAP


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Welcome to Bitten Point, where the toughest battles happen within the heart.

Once upon a time a girl loved a boy, but married another man. What a mistake, especially since that man has been using her as part of his sick plot to experiment on shifters. And he’s got a plan to use their sons.

Over my dead body. But Melanie might need help keeping her boys safe.

Wes is keeping secrets, lots of them, but he doesn’t have a choice. The people he cares about are in danger and he’ll do anything to protect them, but that struggle intensifies when the girl he never stopped loving is drawn into danger.

Can this gator meet the challenge of not only freeing himself from the blackmailing grip of Bittech, but find a way to be with Melanie too?

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter/Interracial Romance

Bitten Point Series:

Excerpt :

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A long time ago, a young girl loved a boy from the wrong side of the swamp. Everyone told her to stay away. He’s bad news. He was a Mercer, the family everyone talked about with a sneer and contempt.

Good girls shouldn’t associate with bad boys. She never claimed to be a good girl, and no one told her what to do. She made her own decisions, and she decided she wanted him.

From the first moment she met Wes in high school—a high school she was late attending since her mother insisted good girls went to Catholic school—she saw right away that the boy with the lanky hair and leather jacket had potential. For one thing, he turned out to be a lot different from what the rumors claimed. Wes wanted better for himself and his family. Wes had goals and dreams, dreams he shared under shaded boughs in between kisses. Back then, she believed they would have a happily ever after. Believed a boy when he said he loved her.

Young, in love, and innocent—until the day he dumped her. For her own good, so he claimed, the icing on a bitter, heartbroken cake—and she meant that quite literally. The jerk broke her heart on Valentine’s Day, right after he ate the cupcake she’d made that said “I love you.”

“You’re better off without me,” he said, wisps of smoke curling from his nostrils, as he couldn’t help a nervous drag from his cigarette. A nasty habit she planned to cure him of, along with his tendency to wear black shirts with heavy metal bands on them.

“I don’t understand. You’re breaking up with me?” She couldn’t miss the nod of his head. “Why?”


“Because isn’t an answer.”

“It is when you’re a Mercer.”

“You promised you’d love me forever.”

“I lied.”

He didn’t love her. He’d never loved her. All that they’d shared? A big, fat lie.

Those words smashed her heart into pieces. Such a mournful meow moment. Such an eye opener. It was also the first time she’d truly let her Latina rage overcome her.

Anger led her to cleanse herself of him by burning every single picture and thing he’d given her—even that stupidly adorable stuffed gator wearing the shades. For days, weeks, even years afterward, she claimed to hate him—stupid, rotten jerk. She believed that with all of her being. Yet, her heart still pitter-pattered every time she caught a glimpse or heard Wes’s voice. It irked her to no end that she never felt the same kind of pitter-patter for her husband. Poor Andrew, he just didn’t inspire that kind of passion.

And she missed the spurt of excitement, that quick rush of her heart and the heat of anticipation. So many times, Melanie couldn’t help but long for what could have been.

We could have been so great together if he’d given us a chance.

She forgot all her foolish dreams when she shot him. She should probably add she shot her husband, too.

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