A Demon and His Witch (Welcome to Hell, #1)

Burning alive is nothing compared to the heat of his touch.

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Welcome to Hell where you’re screwed if you do and damned if don’t. And just so you know, Lucifer has a special spot reserved for you…

There are better ways to break up with a girl than having her roasted at the stake as a witch. Is it any wonder Ysabel has trust issues? She got her revenge, though, and it only cost her a slightly tarnished soul.

Working for Lucifer isn’t all bad, until her ex-boyfriend escapes the bowels of Hell and she’s forced to team up with a womanizing demon to fetch the jerk back.

As a minion in Lucifer’s legion, Remy’s seen a lot of things, but nothing can prepare him for the witch with the acerbic tongue – and voluptuous figure. The more she pushes him away, the more determined he becomes to seduce her. However, what’s a poor demon to do when he accidentally falls in love and wants to keep her forever?

Warning: This story contains a sexy demon with corny pickup lines and a sassy witch who works for Satan. There is coarse language, hot scenes, a twisted version of Hell and a whole lot of giggles. If you possess an open mind, a good sense of humor and a tainted soul, then read at your own peril.

The Welcome to Hell series (is best read in order for full enjoyment of Lucifer and his ongoing matchmaking attempts):

Excerpt (18+):

Lucifer lined up his shot and gave a few practice swings with his number nine thigh bone. The shrunken skull waited for him to putt. He pulled back and –

“I demand you castrate him!”

– his shot went wild, careening off the pillars and missing his interior putting green entirely. Sighing, he turned and faced Ysabel, who, as usual, appeared annoyed.

“What has he done this time?” he asked as she flopped into a chair.

“He kissed me.”

He’d always known Remy was braver than most. “The horror. The shame. And?”

“What do you mean, and? I didn’t want him to.”

“So tell him no.”

“I did. Kind of.” He stared at her. She sighed. “Fine, I kissed him back. But I didn’t want to. He made me do it.”

Lucifer blinked. Stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it. Surely he misunderstood. “He made you do it? I’m sorry, did I suddenly enter an alternate universe? Since when does anyone make you do anything? I’ve been trying to get you to show up on time for five hundred years and you still insist on making your own hours.”

A smirk graced her face. “I do it to keep you on your toes. But, back to the kissing demon. I want to know how to stop him from using his magic or potion or whatever it was he used to make me like it.”

Now this was interesting. “You’re mad because you enjoyed it?”

“Loved it, actually,” Remy announced, striding in unannounced. It seemed his witch’s bad habits were rubbing off.

“Does no one knock anymore?” But they weren’t paying Lucifer any attention as they faced off.

“I did not like it.”

“Liar. The tongue in my mouth said otherwise.”

“I was pushing yours out.”

“Then what were the moans of pleasure?”

“I did not moan.”

“Mmm. Mmm.” Remy closed his eyes and adopted a blissful expression with puckered lips.

It occurred to Lucifer as Ysabel raised her fingers that he might want to take cover.

“I am going to turn you into an imp,” she threatened.

“Touch me in a non-erotic way and I am telling you right now, I will consider it foreplay, and not only will I kiss you again, I will strip every piece of clothing from you, lick you from head to toe, and make you scream my name, not once, not twice, but three times as you come.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she huffed, her eyes flashing with ire – and more intriguing to Lucifer, interest.

Before they could cause any damage, to his office at any rate, Lucifer snapped his fingers and froze them. He didn’t really care what they did to each other, but he’d spent several months in the wild capturing the beast he’d turned into a desk.

“Children, children,” he said tucking his hands behind his back and adopting his father figure mode. It usually made his daughter, Muriel, laugh. “Must I remind you that I tasked you with a mission. One that I might add, Ysabel, you should be most eager to complete. What I do not need, is for you to FUCK IT UP!” He let his voice increase in treble until it boomed. “I’ve been more than tolerant, but enough is enough. You will cease bringing me your petty squabbles. You will do the job I assigned. And if you don’t want his tongue in your mouth, Ysabel, then bite it off. Although, really, if you enjoyed it so much, I don’t see what the problem is. Maybe he can help you remove the stick up your ass if you let him kiss the other end. Now, if we’re done here, and since I’m boss, and I say we are, leave and don’t come back until you’re done, because if you do, I’m duct taping the pair of you together and throwing you in a dark room until you learn to get along. Or fuck. I don’t really care which, but I prefer the latter so I can watch.”

A snap of his fingers, and the glaring pair, stalked off, silent for the moment, but he’d wager it would only last until they hit the hall.

And right on cue…

“I’ve never seen a stick up a butt before. Wanna bend over and show me?” Whack. “Ow, that was totally uncalled for.”


Don’t miss this laugh out loud romance, that pushes boundaries and just about sets the pages on fire.

Content Editor:Brandi Buckwine

Cover Artist: Mina Carter

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Five Spiders

Everyone knows I am a BIG fan of demon books and this particular naughty had everything I really enjoy in a paranormal read. Hat’s off to you Eve!!

Close Encounters With The Night Kind
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Five Stars

…I really love Eve’s characters because they’re NOT all perfect. She makes her woman realistic. Not the perfect barbie doll looks – they’re all curvy, big beautiful woman and most often with a really sassy mouth!
And this warrior LOVES everything about her. Her sassy mouth included.
You’ve GOT to read this though – The way these two go at it it just too funny to pass up. I love it!

Lov Liv Life Reviews
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Five Stars
“I now have a new favorite Eve book. Remy is hilarious… Remy somehow makes crude sexual innuendos at the most inappropriate moments consistently. He does this in a manner that it’s funny and he never presents himself as obnoxious. Ysabel has a snarky retort for everything he says. The banter they toss back and forth had me laughing throughout the entire book.
“saysVanessa from The Jeep Diva BlogFor the full review click here.
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Five Stars
“Eve Langlais jam packs so much into one story. We get everything you would expect to a full length novel. I was stuck to these pages the whole time. I loved Remy and Ysabel! They where a perfect fit. Oh and there is the devil himself who I love!! Yes I said I love the devil. He is funny and weird and you just have to see him in action to understand.
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Five Full Moons

I was addicted to this book the minute I started reading it. I love reading a book that makes me fall out of my seat because I’m laughing so hard.
I loved the steamy, tension between Remy and Ysabel. Remy is irresistible though, how could she keep denying him?
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