Hybrid Misfit

An entertaining story of a special stripper who holds the fate of the world in her g-string.

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Genre: Urban/Fantasy Paranormal Romance with Angels/Demons/Shifters

Mixing DNA is never a good idea, just ask this Hybrid Misift whose very existence will change the world.

Nothing sucks more than losing your humanity in a government experiment. Now I’m something different, something special. And everyone wants a piece of me. Go ahead, give it a try, but don’t be shocked when I turn the tables and try to steal your soul because I am so very, very hungry…

But I don’t want to eat everyone I meet. At least not in a bad way. I know Simon, that big, beastly shifter, and his buddy Gene, an actual djinn with a bottle, are after more than just my lust side. They want to offer me love. How crazy is that?

Maybe I’ll give it a try if I survive the prophecy, you know the one that says I might just change the world.


Excerpt: (18+)

Enjoyable as I found the kiss, I stopped it by biting down on the tongue that insinuated itself between my lips. I had a moment to taste the sweetest blood ever before the man who’d embraced me pulled away.

Given my past experiences in these types of situations, I expected cursing. I even braced for a backhand. What I got, though, was laughter. Masculine chuckles erupted, and I relaxed at the realization that my actions wouldn’t meet with violence—yet. I trusted no one, even someone who laughed with such ease.

As I looked upon the newcomer, I noted Simon ignored him as he continued to eat, working on my still-full plate.

Not as big or tall as my green-eyed savior, the stranger was definitely all male and handsome. In the white glare of the living space, his bald crown shone, and he posed with a hand on his hip as I perused him. I obliged, looking him up and down, liking what I saw.

Tanned skin tempted the chocolate lover in me. Around his mouth was a short goatee, providing great friction I’d bet for when he buried his face between a woman’s thighs. His eyes, exotically shaped, were an electric blue so clear they looked unreal. He wore loose-fitting trousers that snugged his lean waist but bunched at the ankles. Over his torso he wore a billowy white linen shirt, and in one ear hung a gold hoop. He looked like a bloody pirate, and given how my body still trembled at his stolen kiss, I now wished I’d let him shiver me with his timber.

I then looked at him more deeply, my esoteric side quivering at the sight, for I’d never seen an aura like his before. It kept twisting and changing shape and color, like a smoky rainbow that refused to stay still. It stirred my hunger, and I licked my lips, wondering what it would taste like.

The newcomer grinned at me, his smile wide and bright—a true poster boy for Colgate. “Simon, where did you find this delightful creature? I thought they were all killed back in the great cleansing.”

I frowned. What was it with this cleansing thing they’d both mentioned? And how did they both see through my human guise to my true nature?

“I think she’s new,” rumbled Simon.

“New to what? Can someone explain to me what the hell you’re talking about?” I said, placing my hands on my hips in exasperation. “And who the hell is this guy who looks like Mr. Clean’s tanned brother?”

The mocha-skinned scoundrel in question swept me a courtly bow. “I, fair maiden, am Gene, prominent member of the Ifrit.”

“The If what?”

“He’s a Djinn,” explained Simon, who’d finally finished eating and sank onto one of the white leather couches.

“You mean, like, a genie?” I giggled. I couldn’t help it when I thought of the only examples of Djinn I’d ever seen. “I saw Aladdin. Isn’t he supposed to be blue?”

Gene folded his arms over his chest and glared at me. “I am nothing so crass as the media portrayal of my kind.”

I bit my lip, but my eyes watered as I tried not to laugh at his indignant expression. “So does that mean you don’t live in a bottle?” I blurted the question out before I bent over chortling.

“Why didn’t you mention you wanted to see my bedroom?” he said, his voice suddenly right by my ear.

I whirled to face him, my laughter cut short. Before I could retort, vertigo made me close my eyes, and when I opened them, I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Okay, I’d never been to Kansas, but it was the first thing that popped to mind when I noticed I’d left Simon’s white living room. I found myself instead in the polar opposite of that sterile space. Colors, rich colors, ranging from golds, reds, greens, and even blues decorated the circular room strewn with fat, tasseled pillows and one really big, round bed.

Gene, the sly bastard, slipped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear. “What do you think of my bottle? Wanna fog up the glass?”

“It looks like a set out of a bad seventies porn flick.” I shrugged out of his disturbing-to-my-libido embrace and smiled at his chagrined face.

“I’ll have you know that I’ve yet to have a woman complain about my décor.”

“Then you must be a better lover than you look,” I said tartly to hide my unease at realizing there was no door out of this place.

Damn it. Did he make me into a mini-me to fit me in here?

The thought was a sobering one, and I reluctantly realized I’d better play nice if I wanted him to get me out.

“You truly have no idea about whom you’re dealing with,” he said musingly.

“Well, excuse me for not receiving the handbook on Fucked-up Beings that Truly Exist.” I disliked the fact he knew so much and me so little. Not fair. I mean, my siren and werebunny friends never mentioned others, which wasn’t entirely their fault. Hell, they were just as clueless as me, having been adopted and raised by human families. How we’d ever managed to find each other was a miracle that I didn’t question. I just assumed, given my many years of bad luck, that I was owed a streak of good.

I stumbled as the ground—er glass—beneath my feet shifted. A booming voice echoed inside the glass boudoir. “Gene, get your smoky ass out of there right now and bring Beth with you.” Simon punctuated his words with a violent shake that threw me into Gene’s arms.

“Don’t worry, my pretty,” he said with an exaggerated waggle of his brows. “We’ll come back and crack the glass with your screams of pleasure once we’ve gotten to know each other better.”

I wanted to refute his claim—after all, I preferred to decide who, where, and when I banged. But I had to admit, his manly assertion, a flirtation not inspired by my succubus powers, excited me. I also wondered if he could live up to his boast. While I’d enjoyed my previous encounters with men, I had yet to find one who really made me want to say, “Wow, you rocked my world.”

Then again, given the shaking bottle, didn’t that distinction belong to Simon?

Gene wrapped his arms tightly around me, and I clearly felt his erection pressing against my lower back. I closed my eyes as the vertigo from before returned, and when I opened them again, I faced a broad chest. Combined with the body still snugged to my rear, I couldn’t help the imp in me from commenting.

“Mmm, my first sandwich. How decadent.”

I peered up at Simon as I said the words, expecting a blush. Instead, his eyes glowed with distinct interest, and his hands came to rest on my hips, the thin material of the T-shirt I wore not stopping the heat that his stroking thumb imparted.

“Don’t tempt me,” he drawled, pulling me hard against an erection that made my eyes widen.

Well, that answered one question. He was giant all over.


* * * * *
Copyright © May 2011, Eve Langlais

2nd edition © October 2015, Eve Langlais

Cover Art by Amanda Kelsey RazzDazz Design © September 2015

Edited by Devin Govaere

Copy Edited by Brieanna Robertson

Produced in Canada

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