The Hunter (The Realm, #2)

Even The Hunter can’t escape when love decides to snare him.

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance


For years, Suzie’s been running with her children in tow, determined to not be found by her violent ex-boyfriend. Tired of hiding, she decides to settle down in sweet suburbia. But forget the quiet life, meet Hunter, Suzie’s hot next door neighbor.

Masquerading as a private eye, Hunter is much more than he seems. He’s what’s known as a tracker, and the magical realm he comes from has sent him on a quest to keep his world’s existence secret. A real ladies man, Hunter can’t understand his attraction to the cute mom next door, but when danger comes knocking on her door, he does everything he can to save Suzie and her kids, even if it means his life.

A vengeful exboyfriend and a predatory shapeshifting dragon are nothing though when compared to the more frightening battle taking place in his heart.


The Realm Series (each book can be read on its own):


They’d just finished dinner and were doing a big puzzle on the floor when they heard the sound of Hunter’s motorcycle. The twins flew to the window, squealing.

“Mom! Mom! Bike!” screamed Jared.

“Yes, yes, I know.” Geez, the whole neighborhood probably knew. Jared definitely had good lungs.

“Can we—can we—can—” he stuttered in his excitement.

“Yes, you can go see him, but mind your manners and do not touch!” said Suzie in a stern, no-nonsense, Mommy voice. At this age you had to remind them at least a dozens time, and even then, it was hit or miss whether they listened.

With an energy that only the young have, they went flying out the front door screaming, “Hunta! Hunta!”

Suzie followed more slowly, grabbing the plate of cookies first. When she walked out the front door her first thought was, Oh my God, he’s gotten even sexier.

Picture one hot man in black leather chaps, leather jacket, big black boots and aviator glasses—talk about every girl’s bad-boy dream come true. Suzie felt herself getting aroused just watching him swing his muscled leg off the bike. Maybe she should invest in some personal pleasure toys. Apparently, her body had suddenly discovered it had needs and they needed to be taken care of now!

Taking a deep breath, and telling her raging hormones to settle down, she sauntered over to her excited munchkins and their new hero.

“Can we go for a wide?” asked Jared whose eyes were so big they were liable to fall out of his head.

“Maybe when you get a little bigger, buddy.”

Jessica didn’t say a thing. She just hugged a leather-clad leg with a smile. Lucky girl, thought Suzie wistfully, wishing she could wrap herself around that hot bod too.

She needed to change the direction of her thoughts. “Um, here,” Suzie said, thrusting the plate of cookies forward. “The kids made these for you as a thank you for your help yesterday.”

“They’re chocolate,” whispered Jessica.

“Thank you,” said Hunter, crouching down and giving Jessica a hug. “Chocolate cookies are my favorite.”

Jessica beamed in his arms and Suzie felt a pang. Great, now I’m jealous of my own daughter.

Hunter whipped off his sunglasses, and to Jared’s delight, put the glasses on him. Jared crowed in glee and strutted around in them, pretending to be cool. Picking Jessica up with one arm, Hunter finally smiled at Suzie, whose tummy immediately went into a flip-flop routine.

“Hi,” he said.

“Right back at you,” said Suzie. Oh God, she really needed lessons in casual conversation because she sounded like a moron again. “Nice bike.” Ooh, so smooth, gonna tell him it’s shiny next? She really needed to get out and talk to grownups more.

“She’s a beauty, all right. Ever since I discovered motorcycles a few years ago, Harleys are my favorite. Ever ride?”

“What? Me? Oh no,” she said, shaking her head vehemently. “Too scary!”

“Scary? No, more like thrilling,” he said with a grin, his eyes twinkling with mirth. “All that power between your legs.”

Mmm, that sounded way dirtier than it should have.

“Maybe I’ll take you for a ride sometime,” he said huskily

Yes, a ride sounds reallllllly good. Oh God, she really needed to get her hormones back under control.

“I’ll think about it,” she said. “Anyway, hope you like the cookies, and again, thanks. Come on kids, time for your bath.”

To the chorus of “Aw Mom”, Suzie and the twins walked back over to their house. Unable to resist, she peeked back over her shoulder and saw Hunter watching her. At her look, his lips curved into a cocky, cream your panties grin, which to her chagrin, worked just like a charm, shooting a hot, wet warmth through her suddenly wakened lower parts. And judging by his grin, he knew it too! Shoot, now he’d start thinking she liked him. Which she did, even if he was so definitely wrong for her.

Ushering the kids inside, she ignored her body’s pleading, and instead, prepared for the tsunami also known as bath time. As she washed behind ears, and scrubbed little heads, she tried to forget that smile, which ended up being a lot harder than it should have been. Although, the wet wash cloth thrown at her face did banish it for a moment.


A shapeshifting dragon, magic, danger and lust–er love. This paranormal/fantasy romance novel(70k words) has it all.

Editor:Brieanna Roberston –

Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah –

Five Raven Review For The Hunter

“The Hunter is a very touching, sensual read. I’ve never read a paranormal quite like it and I’m thoroughly impressed with Eve Langlais’ writing style…

…Ms. Langlais makes the magic very believable which adds flair to her story. I loved it!

Ashley of Black Raven Reviews

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Rave Review For The Hunter

“This book is a definite must read by the amazing Eve Langlais! She draws us a beautifully frightening yet realistic world of what may or may not be lurking in the shadows… Her characters are larger than life and incredibly down to earth. I am definitely a fan of the fabulous Ms. Langlais, for life!


Vicki Rose of Bitten By Love Reviews

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Four and a Half Star Review For The Hunter

“The magic had my curiosity peaked and the author did a wonderful job letting the information unfold naturally.

Suzie is a very normal character. She is portrayed just like any mom of twin three year olds would be and that makes her very relatable and you really understand her motivations and actions.

I’m hopeful that this will turn into a series as it has great potential. ”

AlexJouJou of Manic Readers

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