Gene splicing might be a cure, but at this clinic, the side effects are beastly.

Margaret can’t wait to start her new job. It’s three times her usual nursing salary, includes free meals and board, and is located in a gorgeous location in the middle of the Rockies. So what if they’re a little secretive?

She’s is in for a shock when she meets Luke, and learns that the clinic is hiding something big. Sure, their science is curing people, but they’re also turning them into monsters. Some patients are losing all semblance of their former selves, but Dr. Chimera thinks he might be able to use Margaret to bring one certain patient around.

Luke was one of the first patients, and if Chimera can control him he’d become the poster child for the clinic – helping the mad doctor convince all sorts of companies to invest in his tech. But Luke is full of anger, and doesn’t want to lose his desire for revenge just because a cute nurse is flirting with him.

Will Margaret help Chimera manipulate Luke, or will she see that there is hope for the man still inside the monster?

A Nurse for the Wolfman is Book 1 in the Chimera Secrets series. It features a genetically-engineered human-monster hybrid and a human heroine who helps him re-connect with his true self. Each book in the series features love, steamy sex scenes, a bit of horror, and a happy-for-now. They’re each stand-alone, but the characters show back up in later books.

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