A dystopian romance for adults by New York Times, bestselling author, Eve Langlais.

She is the queen he’s been waiting for.

Roark wasn’t content with the way the world worked, so he made himself king and set about changing it. In the process, he acquired enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy him. Even attack his young daughter.

They messed with the wrong daddy.

To protect the princess, Roark engages the services of a bodyguard. Casey, a woman who can slip into shadows with an ease that is uncanny—but more frightening is how well she fits into his life.

A king might not be able to win her heart, but what if she got to know the man?

But romance must wait as he tracks down who is behind the attempts to bring down his kingdom. Their attacks are getting more violent. More brazen.  In order to prevail he'll need all of his wits--and power. Will it be enough?